Shaitan Official Trailer

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Sep 27, 2017

by Fresh Box Office Network on Sep 27,2017 -

After her mother passes away and the entry of a step-mom, Amrita Jayshankar retreats into herself. Her father is summoned by her teachers and is advised that his daughter may additionally require counseling, however, he refuses to trust and instead makes a donation to the faculty. Then Amrita meets 3 men and a woman, namely Zuben, Dushyant Sahu, Karan Chaudhary; and Tanya Sharma respectively. They stay together and get addicted to capsules and alcohol till things get out of control after they by accident kill a couple. A corrupt police constable needs Rs.25 Lakhs to eliminate their involvement. Unable to come up with the amount, the 5 decide to fake a kidnapping, demand the money from Amrita`s father, and clear their respective names. Amrita thus is going `lacking`, and her father involves the police, who assign this task to as soon as-suspended police inspector, Arvind Mathur. With the media getting involved, Arvind begins his research, however, will soon locate it hampered - complicating not most effective...

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