Tiger Zinda Hai

Released Date : Dec 22, 2017

Directed by : Ali Abbas Zafar

Box Office : 253 Crores

Genre : Action, Drama, Romantic

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Synopsis

Tiger Zinda Hai (2017), the sequel to Ek Tha Tiger was released on 22 December 2017. Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, a bunch of helicopters and a whole lot of machine guns, do we need to tell more?
The movie focuses on Tiger and Zoya, two super spies...oops! Tiger Zinda Hai is luckily nothing like the typical spy thriller. No Bond, no blondies, no jacuzzies. Katrina Kaif ( a Pakistani agent in the movie) plays the damsel-ready-to-distress and joins forces with an Indian agent Tiger to battle a ruthless militant Abu Usman who has held 40 nurses as captive.

The director of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Shenoy, puts his faith once again in Tiger (and his wife Zoya) to hunt down the miscreant and rescue the nurses. The deadly duo has a week’s time to get the task done before the entire area is taken down by an airstrike. A standing ovation to the Noor song.

Choppers crashing, blood splutters and a lot of machine guns, this is not a movie for the weak nerves. Produced under the Yash Raj Films, Tiger Zinda Hai is helmed by Ali Abbas Zafar.

Cast and Crew of Tiger Zinda Hai



Production Company

Yash Raj Films

Release Date

December 22,2017

Shooting Location



Action, Drama, Romantic




  140 crore


Aditya Chopra


Ali Abbas Zafar

Distributed by

Yash Raj Films


Marcin Laskawiec

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Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review

FBO Critics Review

Dev Meher

Tiger Zinda Hai has several things going right – the 150 Crores budget to start with, spectacular action sequences; It’s a sequel to the runaway hit ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and Salman-Zafar actor-director pairing. But is that everything one can expect from potboiler?Salman Khan looks rugged, Katrina Kaif looks tough, the director appears excited, the production team has gone all out, and the energy is palpable. So, Tiger Zinda Hai is a cracker or damp? Let`s find out!

The film gets to business quickly. Forty Nurses are taken hostage by World’s most wanted Abu Usman. And, Tiger and Zoya, who have settled at Austria with a son, are recalled by their national intelligence agencies, RAW & ISI, for the rescue mission. Abbu Usman puts base on the hospital and the conflict is three-sided. One, the terrorists. Then, there is India and Pakistan doing a covert military operation through Tiger and Zoya and third, there is big boss USA planning an airstrike in 2 days. The plotline is: Will they (headed by Tiger) be able to rescue the nurses in time?

A spy thriller recipe is usually four Characters – one for techno and gadgets, one for shooting around, one for emotions (in this case, patriotism) and one for laughs. And of course, Sal-Man. But What ruins the movies these days is too much promotions. You know the plot, that is fine. But going to a movie knowing every single story thread is a bit disappointing, And, for someone who can predict mercilessly, it is a lamentable curse. Well, ditto.

So, having embraced my Movie Déjà vu condition, I course along with superspies Tiger and Zoya. Salman Khan as Tiger arrives at Iraq with Swag and Katrina as Zoya follows. Even five years later, Salman and Katrina coming on-screen together is sparkling. It is not like you go expecting romance inan action thriller film but I must say when you get that in the form of Salman-Katrina, it is not so bad. But, beyond the physical chemistry, it is just fizz.

What stood out for me in the movie is the ‘Tera Noor’ sequence. It is gold. Just before the sequence, we come to know how innocent teenage girls are kept as sex slaves. So when the song comes along and led by Zoya, retribution happens, it is quite cathartic. With the soulful Sufi in the background and an anguished Zoya killing without mercy, it is a treasure of a scene.
The scene also made me reflect about the world what we have done to the world and each other. And you could watch the movie, only for this one.

Abu Usman played by the talented UAE-based Iranian actor Sajjad Delfarooz has got ‘swag’ of his own and is the perfect foil for Tiger. He has a menacing presence, stiff shoulders and a mean glance. Katrina Kaif does have the body language but not acting. Paresh Rawal as Firdaus, labor contractor, and raw agent for 25 years, comes in as a comic relief and delivers the goods. Salman, the superstar and Salman, the actor are rarely together. The audience does not care. Salman has a cosmic or karmic connection. When he removes his shirt to use it as a mask, I saw people standing up to cheer.

Towards the climax, He goes on a slaughter carnage with a machine gun, with an entire terrorist army, pointing guns and shooting bullets at him while he is not even moving, and comes out completely unscathed. Not a bullet, not a ruffle. The only way to believe this is being a devout Salman Khan fan.

The day of the air strike has great build up. Director Ali Abbas Zafar has definitely lived up to the expectations. There is patriotism packaged quite subtly. He has kept the proceedings going briskly and the melodrama trimmed to a delightful baseline. The Music has already rocked the charts and the edit is taut and well-done for a film running over 2 and a half hours.

This is, in terms of scale, a highlight film for Bollywood and Salman Khan. In terms of cinematic effort, may be next time.

I am going with 3 out of 5 and a recommendation for sure watch.
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Other Site Expert Review

Site: GulfNews     Review By- Manjusha

While the film is largely testosterone-laced, the vision of Kaif executing deadly stunts is a bloody sight to behold. While she’s stone-faced in emotional scenes, she seems to revel in pummelling people to the ground.Watch this if you are in the mood to see a stoic, stone-faced swashbuckling superhero, aka Salman Khan, and some supremely well-executed action sequences. Don’t go looking for soul, though. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Masala     Review By- Manju

A pure entertainer, TZH is based on a real incident that shook the nation a few years ago - that of nurses being taken hostage in Iraq. In this case, the writer/director mixes them up into Indian and Pakistani nurses that thus allow both RAW and ISI scope to work together. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif head operations of RAW and ISI respectively to rescue the nurses and bring them to safety from terrorist Abu Usman played by the gorgeous UAE-based Iranian actor Sajjad Delfarooz.Well scripted, well shot and engaging TZH is a good watch and a very entertaining film. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Koimoi     Review By- Umesh Punwani

What’s Good: Despite a Salman Khan film when a director puts story as his priority, that’s a major good. Salman Khan proving yet again why he’s termed as Blockbuster Khan!What’s Bad: There are few loopholes but can be totally ignored as the movie never fails to keep you delighted by its grandness.Loo Break: Why? Tiger abhi zinda hai!Watch or Not?: Even if you have never got entertained by Salman Khan (Which could never be the case) go and watch this movie. Source : Visit site for more

Site: NDTV     Review By- Saibal Chatterjee

his film simply isn`t interested in achieving any balance. The emphasis is unwaveringly on Salman the saviour. Katrina, fetching but flimsy, is compelled to take a backseat. Mercifully, the principal antagonist Abu Usman, played by Iran-born, UAE-raised Sajjad Delafrooz is no pushover: he makes his presence felt in no uncertain terms.Undeniably impressive in terms of its scale and flawless technical attributes, Tiger Zinda Hai is an exercise that rings utterly hollow. Its surface nous cannot conceal the sheer purposeless of all the noise it generates. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Bollywood Hungama     Review By- Hungama

On the whole, TIGER ZINDA HAI is a high-octane masala entertainer that stays true to its genre. At the box office, the audiences will give the film an epic ‘swagat’ as it is bound to entertain them thoroughly. This one is a SURE SHOT BLOCKBUSTER and nothing can stop it from setting new records. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Indian Express     Review By- Shubhra

I’d enjoyed the first one while it lasted. I had fun in this one too, once I got past the whole ‘Come Children, Here’s Make A Spy Story For You’ explanatory mode of the flick, directed this time by Ali Abbas Zafar. Literally every plot point is picked up and repeated BEFORE it happens, so everything is easy peasy, comic-book-y. I shut my ears every time this happened, and returned only when the action re-started. Which, let me tell you, there is plenty of, and almost all well-choreographed, even if familiar. And the number of vehicles going up in smoke should give Rohit Shetty a complex. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Times Of India     Review By- Laspriya

With such a premise, the storyline needed to be far more compelling and the editing much tauter. Needless to add, a lot of sequences defy logic, but at the same time, there are many moments that will leave Salman Khan and action film fans impressed. Whether Tiger is Zinda or not for the next round, that`s for you to find out. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Filmcompanion     Review By- Anupama Chopra

Salman Khan`s stardom trumps storytelling. But there`s not enough of an adrenalin rush or entertainment in director-writer Ali Abbas Zafar`s thriller. Tiger Zinda Hai is flat out exhausting. The story is much too long and convoluted. The frame is filled with characters but apart from Tiger, none of them make an impact. And for me, the weakest link is that there is nothing that moors you emotionally. But none of this is enough to propel the film or to give you a high. Tiger Zinda Hai is fun in bits and spurts but there isn’t enough buoyancy to make it a slam dunk. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Zee ETC Bollywood Business     Review By- Komal Nahta

Ali Abbas Zafar’s dialogues are excellent and several of them are clapworthy. In fact, some dialogues will elicit loud and huge rounds of applause. But one does wish, there were more such dialogues. On the whole, Tiger Zinda Hai is a super-entertainer and will yield very huge profits at the ticket windows. The super-hit fare will turn out to be one of the biggest blockbusters of all times. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Twitter     Review By- Taran Adarsh

Salman is the lifeline, the real treasure of #TigerZindaHai. He sinks his teeth into the character and, in several sequences, peels off the mask of superstardom and brings the actor to the fore... Katrina is in solid form, in action sequences specifically. Commands attention...TigerZindaHai has several strengths: Engaging storyline. Enthralling screenplay that’s powered with clap-trap dialogue. Authentic texture of the world it’s set in. Trendy soundtrack. Last but not the least, the stunningly executed action pieces... Source : Visit site for more

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Lifetime Box Office Collection of Tiger Zinda Hai

Schedule   Collection Amount (in crores)  
Opening day 34.1
End of opening week 114.93
End of week 1 206.04
End of week 2 46.5
Lifetime 253

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