Released Date : Apr 6, 2018

Directed by : Mukul Abhyankar

Box Office : 0.86 Crores

Genre : Psychological Thriller

Missing Movie Review

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Performance wise Manoj Bajpayee creeps you out as the compulsive womanizer who wants to enjoy with every pretty woman he sets his eyes on. But the bad dialogues rob the impact of his histrionics. Tabu is in good form as the slightly mysterious Aparna. Annu Kapoor adds spark as the French speaking Indian policeman. The biggest star is however Sudeep Chatterjee’s camerawork, which captures the mood of the scenes to perfection. He builds up the suspense through the camerawork and you wish he had better material. The background score by MM Kreem and editing is also good. Source : Visit site for more
The road to hell is paved with good intentions they say. That’s exactly how Missing turns out. This mystery movie has an interesting premise that fails to create the right impact. A small girl goes missing in the dead of the night, but the parents of this little girl run around in the exotic locales of a Mauritius resort like headless chickens. In all fairness, you don’t expect shocked parents to be composed in their behaviour, but the way things play out in Missing, pushes the idea of suspension of disbelief, way beyond its limits. Source : Visit site for more

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