Qarib Qarib Singlle

Released Date : Nov 10, 2017

Directed by : Tanuja Chandra

Box Office : 14.65 Crores

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Jaya (Parvathy Thiruvothu) is a 35-year-old widow who feels a void in her life. She signs up on a dating website and meets a 40-year-old poet Yogi (Irrfan Khan). He`s quirky, talkative and diametrically opposite to Jaya. But Jaya feels connected to him. Yogi claims that he has dated three girls in his life and they all miss him a lot still. Jaya tells him that he`s simply bragging. Yogi, however, remains adamant on his claims and tells her to join him in meeting them. Jaya refuses at first but then agrees. How this trip takes their relationship forward forms the rest of the film.



Production Company

Jar Pictures, Zee Studios

Release Date

November 10,2017

Shooting Location



Comedy, Romance




  15 crores


Tanuja Chandra

Distributed by

Zee Studios

story by

Kamna Chandra


Eeshit Narain


Chandan Arora

Other Site Expert Review

Site: Mid Day     Review By- Mayank

Frankly, this delightful film carries within it such a charmingly mature, old-world take on love, lust, and romance, that it`s hard to believe that its plot effectively hinges on a seemingly shady online dating site that gets a girl (Parvathy) and a guy (Irrfan) to meet in the first place. Source : Visit site for more

Site: GulfNews     Review By- Manjusha

While the film begins on the millennial note of hooking up, the middle-aged players are painfully traditional in their methods of discovering each other. Another pet peeve was that the best portions of the film were given away in the trailer and therefore there’s hardly any mystery alive in the film. The second half seems labored, too. Give this romantic comedy a try if you are a fan of Khan. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Times Of India     Review By- Neil

This film wouldn`t resonate as much with lesser skilled actors, and Tanuja Chandra knows this. She lets Irrfan and Parvathy bring out their nuanced interpretations of the lead pair, which then keeps you amply invested in their stories enough to see them through to the end. Eeshit Narain`s cinematography also adds to the film`s realism by beautifully capturing the subjects in their natural elements, without resorting to over-dramatic shots. As long as you don`t expect fireworks, enjoy this sweet film that will leave you smiling. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Indian Express     Review By- Shubhra Gupta

Director Tanuja Chandra returns after a sizeable gap, and delivers a well-crafted, winsome rom-com. It is mostly so right that you are compelled to ignore that eye-roll of a reason that leads to the journey, a few flat moments and underlined scenes – zooming into faces to tell us how the character is feeling – especially one in which one of them, finally, grows up. At the end of it, you hope that their relationship status will change to Kareeb Kareeb Couple. I walked out smiling, and sighing. With pleasure. Source : Visit site for more

Site: NDTV     Review By- Saibal Chatterjee

For Irrfan, Qarib Qarib Singlle is a veritable breeze. He cruises through the film with customary elan without breaking a sweat. His comic timing is at its scintillating best. Malayalam cinema star Parvathy, in her first Hindi role, brings easy charm and intelligence to bear upon the character of Jaya. She fills every frame with a warm glow. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Hindustan Times     Review By- Sweta

The interactions between the lead couple are a novel and realistic way of depicting romance in Bollywood. They are devoid of flowers, hearts and chocolates, and even make light of cinematic cliches like “saath jeene marne ki kasamein”. Through the film, Irrfan’s character charms his way into the hearts of the audience and – eventually – Jaya herself. She finds him annoying, but in a sweet way. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Rediff     Review By- Sreehari

This is a film where pointlessness is freighted over two flights, one vintage train ride, one regular train ride and a series of cab drives. After hours of dilly-dallying on a loop, the obnoxious and germophobe Jaya, and the obnoxious but pure-at-heart Yogi (Irrfan Khan), become a couple inside a cable car. By then, you are ready to snap the cable. Source : Visit site for more

Site: ETC Bollywood Business     Review By- Komal Nahta

On the whole, Qarib Qarib Singlle misses the chance to be an entertainer. It falters because it is not funny enough and also because it doesn’t touch the heart. Overall, it will prove to be a flop fare. Source : Visit site for more

Site: CNN News18     Review By- Rajeev Masand

Qarib Qarib Singlle, starring Irrfan Khan and Parvathy, revisits that familiar premise of a romance kindled over a road trip. To be fair though, it’s done with some degree of flair and much levity. The film employs honesty and humor to make important observations about letting go of the past and about making a real connection with someone. Yogi and Jaya won my heart, and I wouldn’t have minded spending more time in their company. I’m going with three out of five for Qarib Qarib Singlle. Give it a chance. Source : Visit site for more

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Schedule   Collection Amount (in crores)  
Opening day 1.75
End of opening week 8.3
End of week 1 12.15
End of week 2 14.65
Lifetime 14.65
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