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Released Date : Jan 25, 2018

Directed by : Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Box Office : 239.5 Crores

Genre : Indian Period Drama

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Site: koimoi     Review By- Umesh Punwani

What’s Bad: I am restricted to a word limit & can’t include Ranveer in the headline – but wherever he is, please listen: Sir, you’re one of the best actors we’ve got.Loo Break: In a movie of about 2 hours 40 minutes, you’ll not even crave for an interval forget about a loo break. Watch or Not?: See, if it’s safe to watch in a theater near you. If it is, do that before it isn’t. Source : Visit site for more

Site: NDTV     Review By- Raja Sen

The problem lies not in Padmaavat being a costume drama, but in the fact that there is too much costume, too little drama. In the film`s opening scene, we see a king chewing roughly on a piece of poultry. This is a surprisingly small, tandoori-sized handful of bird, nothing compared to the way we have, in international film and television, watched vikings gnaw at giant animal legs the size of motorcycles. Therein lies the problem. There`s not nearly enough meat. Source : Visit site for more

Site: TOI     Review By- Saibal Chatterjee

If there’s one thing that keeps us from brooding too much through the film, it is Ranveer Singh. Not once does he try to make us like him, and that makes us like him even more. As a performer, he has always been unpredictable, in a good way. As Bhansali’s Khilji, he is electric. And try as anyone might, so is the attraction between the outsider and the queen: it is their doomed love story, whose embers rain on the screen, that we take away with us.Take that, senas. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Indianexpress     Review By- Shubhra Gupta

Of course, Padmaavat is spectacular: no one can do spectacle like Bhansali. This was what he was born to do. You can easily delight in it while the going is good. But nearly three hours of it, and looping rhetoric around what constitutes Rajput valour can and does become tiresome. And that compulsion to make ‘sati’ so good-looking, when the singeing of flesh can be so gruesome, is troubling. Source : Visit site for more

Site: News18     Review By- Kriti Tulsiani

But none of it makes Padmaavat a bad watch- it`s actually everything a Bhansali fan would expect and honestly, it does warrant an enriching cinematic experience despite falling short on certain things here and there. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Filmcompanion     Review By- Anupama Chopra

I have no idea how much the ugly politics surrounding Padmaavat has distorted the director’s original vision but what we get is an unapologetic valorization of Rajputs and an unqualified demonizing of Khilji and his entire clan. Apart from his wife, played by a radiant Aditi Rao Hydari, the Muslims – down to the last man – are murderous, manipulative, cheating barbarians.“Ranveer Singh chews the scenery with aplomb and yet the first half of Padmaavat remains listless. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Zee ETC Bollywood Business     Review By- Komal Nahta

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s direction is extraordinary. He has made the film a visual delight with his painstaking detailing, whether in the costumes of the actors or the sets. Despite a thin story-line, he has made the film so interesting that one can’t help but heap praises on him for a job extraordinarily done. On the whole, Padmaavat is a surefire hit and has all the trappings of a blockbuster. If the film is allowed to be screened peacefully all over India, it has the potential to smash box-office records. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Bollywood Hungama     Review By- Taran Adarsh

One more thing: The Hindi film industry has badly used and abused 3D, turning it into a gimmicky tool, but Bhansali is one of those rare storytellers who knows how to utilize the technology to his advantage and how it can enhance the overall theatrical experience. Having watched PADMAAVAT on IMAX 3D, I can only state that the results were simply stunning.On the whole, PADMAAVAT is a remarkable motion picture experience that’s backed by proficient direction, spellbinding screenwriting and superlative acting. For Sanjay Leela Bhansali, it’s the best title on an impressive filmography. A sure-shot winner at the box-office! Source : Visit site for more

Site: News18     Review By- Rajeev Masand

But the film belongs to Ranveer Singh whose delicious performance is its biggest strength. The actor keeps you invested in the film even when it plods on for over two-and-a-half hours. I’m going with three out of five for the film and another half for his extraordinary performance, making it three-and-a-half out of five for Padmaavat. Source : Visit site for more

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