Jagga Jasoos

Released Date : Jul 14, 2017

Directed by : Anurag Basu

Box Office : 52 Crores

Genre : Mystery, Musical Adventure, Rom-Com

Jagga Jasoos Movie Synopsis

The film revolves around the real-life high profile case of Purulia Arms Drop where packets of weapons dropped in place of toys for kids in the year 1995 in a bid to overthrow the Communist government of West Bengal. Jagga is a curious yet shy child who suffers from stammer and lives with his adoptive father Bagchi who encourages him to sing to overcome his stammer. Jagga is admitted into a boarding school, but Bagchi goes missing soon after. He just sends a videotape to Jagga every year on his birthday. Jagga grows up, solves innumerable mysteries because of his detective skills and goes on a search of his father. He meets Shruti Ghosh, a journalist who is trying to solve an international criminal case. Soon, both of them find themselves embroiled in an international arms racket. And there is a two-faced mastermind involved too.

Cast and Crew of Jagga Jasoos



Production Company

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Release Date

July 14,2017

Music Director


Shooting Location



Mystery, Musical Adventure, Rom-Com




  ₹110 crore


Anurag Basu

Distributed by

UTV Motion Pictures

story by

Anurag Basu


Ravi Varman


Ajay Sharma


Anurag Basu

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Lifetime Box Office Collection of Jagga Jasoos

Schedule   Collection Amount (in crores)  
Opening day 8
End of opening week 31
End of week 1 43
End of week 2 8
End of week 3 1
End of week 4 1
Lifetime 52