Hope Aur Hum

Released Date : May 11, 2018

Directed by : Sudip Bandyopadhyay

Box Office : Crores

Genre : Comedy-Drama

Hope Aur Hum Movie Synopsis

The movie tells the story of a family with many secrets. Naseeruddin Shah plays the role of Dadu who earns for the family with his old out-of-order photocopy machine. With the time, that machine raises various issues related to space consumption for his granddaughter, Tanu. His younger son Nitin finds his love interest in surprising consequences. Whereas, the grandson finds out an interesting series of events at his Nani’s house. The stories reveal how "Hope" has affected their "Hum" positively.

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May 11,2018

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Hope Aur Hum Movie Review

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Site: Filmfare     Review By- Devesh Sharma

Letting go isn’t easy, especially for the elderly, who have grown accustomed to set patterns over the years. They would want to wear the same kind of clothes, the same kind of watch, drive the same car and in Nagesh Shrivastava’s (Naseeruddin Shah) case in the film, work on the same 100 year old photocopy machine which truthfully belongs in a museum. Source : Visit site for more

Site: IndianExpress     Review By- Shalini Langer

Old age, old machine, old times, old haveli, old gramophone, old jazz record, and one really old box. Hope Aur Hum doesn’t believe in subtlety when it comes to drumming home its message of old giving way to the new, saddling Naseeruddin Shah with the burden of making audiences hope that, surely, there is something better around the corner. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Times Of India     Review By- Reza Noorani

Letting go is tough, be it with people or with things. For Nagesh Shrivastav (Naseeruddin Shah), it is almost unthinkable when it is time to discard his faithful old photocopy machine that has served him well for decades. Mr Sonnichsen, as he calls the machine, is the only link to his glorious past as a copier for ministers and bureaucrats. His eldest son Neeraj (Aamir Bashir), who is forever chasing the elusive promotion at work, almost understands why, but for Neeraj’s wife, practicality supersedes nostalgia Source : Visit site for more

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