Hindi Medium

Released Date : May 19, 2017

Directed by : Saket Chaudhary

Box Office : 201.95 Crores

Genre : Drama



Production Company

T-Series, Maddock Films

Release Date

May 19,2017

Music Director


Shooting Location







  ₹23 crore


Saket Chaudhary

Distributed by



Laxman Utekar


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Site: The Hindu     Review By- The Hindu

Despite mediocre and forgettable camerawork, unexciting editing and an eventually dawdling storyline, Khan and Qamar’s companionship, comfort and charm is unwavering. Admission in a prestigious school maybe shown as a quick fix to poverty and a fast train towards upward social mobility, but look beyond and you will find a funny film being driven by goodwill and engaging performances. Source : Visit site for more

Site: NDTV     Review By- NDTV

The couple`s acts of despair are occasionally amusing. Deciding that they`ve had enough of being lesser mortals, they resolve to give their daughter Pia top-of-the-line English medium education come what may. They relocate to upscale VasantVihar go school hunting. Their misguided methods trigger a chain of events that throw their own life, and that of a low income group couple they befriend, into disarray. Source : Visit site for more

Site: India Today.in     Review By- India Today.in

Hindi Medium tries to drive home a powerful message, but in the attempt, resorts to black-and-white archetypes. From the snooty and sophisticated South Delhi type to the I-will-literally-put-my-life-at-stake-to-help-you poor, everyone is a stock character. The only grey character, perhaps, is the most inconsistent and perplexing one - the principal of the Delhi Grammar School, played by Amrita Singh. She clawed her way to the top from being the daughter of a maid servant in the school, and multiple instances show her to be intolerant of any attempts to buy a seat. Her 180-degree turn in the climax is poorly explained. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Rediff.com     Review By- Rediff.com

Hindi Medium reserves its worst caricatures for the rich and the wannabe rich. It classifies snobbery and snootiness as the poison values of our time. It proclaims that the essence of `being human` can be discovered in the gutbucket life and asserts that our system is heavily rigged on the side of the wealthy. In its incessant stereotyping and lack of polish, the picture sets itself up for panning, and do expect some critical backlash from people with better artistic tastes than Choudhary. However, I believe that his artistic triumphs here aren`t insignificant even if his readings and portrayals of certain social maladies turn out to be rather skew-whiff. The points that Hindi Medium makes -- while not entirely original -- aren`t pushed through with an intention of confirming your pre-existing biases. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Hindustan Times     Review By- Hindustan Times

In Irrfan, he finds the perfect person to demonstrate the ‘India Is English, English is India’ logic with a focus on the social divide. In the process, Hindi Medium exposes the absurdities of finding a “famous” school for your kid. It’s scarily close to the reality despite being dramatised. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Times of India     Review By- Times of India

At the core, the film deals with a very relevant subject of how language divides our society. Howangrezi-speaking people in India are touted to be ‘premium class,’ while the Hindi-waale¸ however illustrious or wealthy, are low-brow, or plain uncool. Hindi Medium shines in two areas that most of our films often fall short of. As far as the story goes – good writing, and as far as comedy goes – great timing. Source : Visit site for more

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