Dhoom 3

Released Date : Dec 20, 2013

Directed by : Sanjay Gadhvi

Box Office : 542 Crores

Genre : Action, Adventure, Crime

The Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Uday Chopra, Siddharth Nigam and Jackie Shroff starrer Dhoom 3 is an Indian action thriller, which is the third part of the Dhoom series. Iqbal (Jackie Shroff) loses his life due to the mean bank owners who take his only property away. Sahir and Samar end up as orphans and take up their father’s profession of being a magician and performers. They con the police and loot various banks without taking any of the money but rather distributing it among the poor people. However, Jay (Abhishek Bachchan) winds them up only to lose them forever as they just like their father commit suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Director- Vijay Krishna Acharya
Producer- Aditya Chopra
Music- YRF Music
Runtime- 172 minutes

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Site: Rediff     Review By- Sukanya Verma

Realistically, of course, Dhoom is a fun albeit dumb franchise that is unapologetically nonsensical, intellect proof and relies on the shenanigans of its smooth, superficial villains and their hot pursuit at the hands of police officers. There are two vivid reasons I indulge (and enjoyed) this I know-that you know-that I know (classic Abbas-Mastanism) is because of the cunning and conviction in Aamir’s delivery and Katrina Kaif Source : Visit site for more

Site: Rediff     Review By- Raja Sen

There was Aamir Khan running down the side of a building for no apparent reason. Everything -- repeat, everything -- looked too goofy to be either thrilling or realistic or compelling or even plain fun. Dhoom 3 is a children’s film made for children who’ve never seen a film. How else can you explain this famine of originality? How else can you possibly justify the lack of a single interesting scene right up to the intermission? And how, after that, can you account for Aamir Khan’s blatant exploitation of yet another Christopher Nolan masterpiece Source : Visit site for more

Site: Times of India     Review By- Srijana Mitra Das

Dhoom 3 is slightly extensive. But it holds advantages, the first, that sizzling Dhoom tune, all leather, boots and electric guitars, which straightens sagging scenes. The second - sharp performances by Khan, Bachchan and Chopra, who sprinkles lightness and fun. And the third - Dhoom 3`s story with a twist wrapped around it, like the ribbon around a Christmas gift. Merrily unwrap - flying out of the Great Indian Circus, Dhoom 3 is great fun. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Mumbai Mirror     Review By- Karan Anshuman

Liftman: I only push buttons, nothing more. And that`s precisely why I blow my savings on a film like this. 3 hours of non-stop energy. Did you see that 15 minute chase sequence involving not only bikes but cars, boats, and helicopters?! It is the greatest chase sequence in the history of Bollywood. What a rush for liftman like me! Source : Visit site for more

Site: Bollywood Hungama     Review By- Taran Adarsh

On the whole, DHOOM-3 is one solid entertainer loaded with attitude and star power that will leave fans of the series salivating for more. It is miles ahead of its predecessors in the DHOOM series. This will shatter previous records and set new ones. SURE-SHOT BLOCKBUSTER. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Hindustan Times     Review By- Anupama Chopra

The big plot twist has been ripped off from Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige. So see Dhoom:3 but with your expectations at half-mast. It’s not the popcorn thrill ride that I expected. There just isn’t enough joy in it but Aamir and the stupendous action make this worth watching. I’m going with 3 stars. Source : Visit site for more

Site: CNN IBN (IBNLive)     Review By- Rajeev Masand

ltimately, the film is let down by a convenient script and its inability to deliver solid entertainment. I`m going with a generous two-and-a-half out of five for writer-director Vijay Krishna Acharya`s Dhoom 3. All you expect from the Dhoom movies is a thrill ride, but this one makes you feel like you`re stranded in rush hour traffic Source : Visit site for more

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Schedule   Collection Amount (in crores)  
Opening day 36.2
End of opening week 107.4
End of week 1 178.9
End of week 2 68.11
End of week 3 17.9
Lifetime 542