Released Date : Jun 26, 1992

Directed by : Raj Kanwar

Box Office : 7.7 Crores

Genre : Romantic Drama

Deewana Movie Synopsis

In 1992 the romantic-drama Deewana shows Shah Rukh Khan, Divya Bharti, Rishi Kapoor in lead roles. A famous singer Ravi (By Rishi Kapoor) falls in love with a girl named Kajal (By Divya Bharti) and they both get married. Their happy life gets disturbed by Ravi’s greedy uncle Pratap(By Amrish Puri) and his son Narendra (Mohnish Behl). They both try to acquire Ravi’s property by killing him but fortune keeps giving backup to Ravi until one day. That day Ravi falls off a cliff along with Narendra. To restart her life Kaajal goes with her mother-in-law to another city where she meets Raja (By Shah Rukh Khan). Raja falls in love with her at her first sight and requests her mother-in-law to allow them to marry. Her mother-in-law allows them to marry by looking at Kaajal’s situation. But Raja doesn’t touch her until she accepts him on her own. However, Kaajal finds her feelings for Raja and both lived happily. But one day Raja brings his new friend to his house who happens to be Ravi. Soon things become awkward for Kaajal as he is her first husband. When Pratap finds out about Ravi, Raja, and Kaajal, he kidnaps Raja and Kaajal forcing Ravi to transfer his property in his name. However, Ravi sacrifices himself for Raja and Kaajal.

Cast and Crew of Deewana



Release Date

June 26,1992

Music Director

Nadeem Shravan

Shooting Location



Romantic Drama




Raj Kanwar

Distributed by



Harmeet Singh


A. Muthu


Sagar Sarhadi

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Lifetime Box Office Collection of Deewana

Schedule   Collection Amount (in crores)  
Opening day 0.16
End of opening week 0.37
End of week 1 0.66
Lifetime 7.7