Bajirao Mastani

Released Date : Dec 18, 2015

Directed by : Sanjay LeelaBhansali

Box Office : 184 Crores

Genre : Epic historical romance

Bajirao Mastani Movie Synopsis

Based on the Marathi novel Raau by Nagnath S Inamdar, the film is the love story of the Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I and his second wife Mastani. After Peshwa Bajirao’s wife Kashibai is cursed by her widowed friend whom Bajirao had executed, a warrior princess from Bundelkhand enters Bajirao’s tent and asks for his help. They defeat the invaders and Mastani falls for Bajirao. Baji gives her his dagger, unaware that it is considered a symbol of marriage among Bundelkhand Rajputs. She comes to Pune to be with Bajirao despite cruel treatment at the hands of his family. Bajirao accepts her love in spite of breaking Kashibai’s heart and they have a son. However, he has to leave for war and Mastani is left to defend herself in a hostile environment.

Cast and Crew of Bajirao Mastani



Production Company

Bhansali Productions, Eros International

Release Date

December 18,2015

Shooting Location



Epic historical romance




  145 crores

Distributed by

Eros International


Sudeep Chatterjee


Prakash R. Kapadia

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Lifetime Box Office Collection of Bajirao Mastani

Schedule   Collection Amount (in crores)  
Opening day 12.3
End of opening week 45.32
End of week 1 84.36
End of week 2 55.19
End of week 3 28.35
Lifetime 184

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