Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Released Date : Mar 10, 2017

Directed by : Shashank Khaitan

Box Office : 214.5 Crores

Genre : Drama

Badri, a wealthy man`s son, meets Vaidehi at a wedding and sparks fly between them. However, while he wants nothing more than to marry her, she yearns to pursue her dream of becoming an air hostess.



Production Company

Dharma Productions

Release Date

March 10,2017

Shooting Location









Shashank Khaitan

Distributed by

Fox Star Studios


Neha Parti Matiyani


Manan Sagar


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Site: The Hindu     Review By- The Hindu

The romcom is interspersed with the contentious theme of patriarchy and gender inequity. Director ShashankKhaitan, quite evidently, believes in reconciliation and continuity rather than estrangement and disruption. So Khaitan, is careful in gently nudging the societal system than daring to go radically against it – in short he doesn’t believe in upsetting the applecart. While minor negotiations take place, the larger edifice –problem of patriarchy—stays intact. In short, it’s a rebellion within permissible limits. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Live mint     Review By- Live mint

Badrinath Ki Dulhania has good and bad stalking, and both are presented as part of the mating ritual. Jhansi boy Badri (VarunDhawan) blithely pursues the uninterested but amused Vaidehi (Alia Bhatt) through the streets of Kota. She says “no”, he hears “try harder” —a sequence of events that’s stubbornly lodged in the DNA of Hindi cinema. If the pass the film grants him is morally dodgy, the sequence that arrives a little after the interval is indefensible. Badri, along with a friend, abducts Vaidehi off the streets at night, throws her in the trunk of his car, and drives off. You’d think this would wreck their relationship forever—not to mention result in some sort of legal action—but no. Vaidehi’s mad for 20 seconds, and then the focus shifts to Badri’s hurt feelings. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Huffington Post     Review By- Huffington Post

Badrinath Ki Dulhania, as you can see, was probably aspiring to be in the tradition of sappy Bollywood films where dulhanias wait in a corner like credit cards, to be snapped up by a man who spend most of his waking hours in a gymnasium. Source : Visit site for more

Site: NDTV     Review By- NDTV

The dissonance between avowed purpose and muddled plotting undermines the central message of Badrinath Ki Dulhania - the right of a woman to carve her own space outside the constricting roles that their fathers and husbands/boyfriends want to impose upon them. Source : Visit site for more

Site: IndiaToday.in     Review By- IndiaToday.in

Badrinath Ki Dulhania is a rom-com with plenty of social commentary thrown in. The film highlights how a regressive social mindset combined with parental pressure hinders the prosperity of women. Source : Visit site for more

Site: The Times of India     Review By- The Times of India

Through Vaidehi, the movie checks all the important boxes: gender issues, feminism, consent, etc. But the story is treated so stylistically (with elaborate song sequences and flashbacks and cinematic moments) that it loses heat. At times, characters speak like public service announcements, and seem a little contrived. Source : Visit site for more

Site: IndianExpress.in     Review By- IndianExpress.in

The moment you see the film is set in Jhansi, you know that sooner or later, there will be a line involving a certain legendary queen known for her valour. Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya beats the drums for its women, loud and clear; sometimes a tad too loudly and clearly, but that’s okay, because it’s that kind of film. Source : Visit site for more

Site: Hindustan Times     Review By- Hindustan Times

Badrinath Ki Dulhania begins as a cute sweet love story between a Jhansi boy and a Kota girl, but the director understands the current tide of films that celebrate powerful, liberated women, so it transforms into a progressive story before turning cute-sweet again. Source : Visit site for more

Site: First Post     Review By- First Post

I kid you not. Writer-director ShashankKhaitan appears to have bought into the widely prevalent notion that masculinity means the ability to ‘protect’ yourself, that no ‘real man’ would ever be the victim of sexual violence, and therefore, that the possibility of such violence is funny. And so, when a major male character in this film is almost raped, the incident is turned into the centerpiece of BKD’s humour. Source : Visit site for more

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Opening day 12.25
End of opening week 43.05
Lifetime 214.5