With a heavy heart, we bid goodbye to Channel V!

With a heavy heart, we bid goodbye to Channel V!

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Dec 1, 2017  Updated On : Apr 30, 2018

For today’s kids, channel V is just another music channel that they browse through. Many have no idea that Star India has pulled the plug on [V]. But for all the 90s kid, take a moment to let it sink in. Yes! Channel V will officially not be on the channel list anymore!

Let’s talk about how, it affected our childhood and the memories it gave us. Once upon a time, Channel V was our Youtube. Latest music to fashion to binge worthy serials, it gave us all we needed.

First, the VJs, Channel V had!

It made us aspire to become a VeeJay because back then we thought, being a VJ was the coolest thing that could happen! Yudi (VJ Yudhisthir), Luke Kenny, Shruti Seth, Purab Kohli, Gaurav Kapur, Kamal Sidhu, Sarah Jane Dias, Nina Manuel, Juhi Pande and hold your heart people Aditya Roy Kapoor.

Remember Lola Kutty?

Before the whole iisuperwomanii generation, we had our south Indian super girl! Lola Kutty is a bespectacled Keralite lady who speaks English with a heavy Malayali accent. Lola`s shows don`t involve vulgar, corny or spicy humor; rather, they rely on witty asides and straight-faced questions for humor. She interviewed Bollywood celebs.

Channel V sponsored the Coke (V) Popstars and gave us Viva and the girl anthem, Hum nayein geet sunayein.

Remember Viva? The first girl band of India which gave us singers like Seema Ramchandani, Pratichee Mohapatra, Neha Bhasin, Mahua Kamat and Anushka Manchanda.

Channel V gave us Quick Gun Murugun and Haraynvi Jat Udham Singh!

If you are lightning and thunder, I am 250 Volt Current... Mind it!

Udham introduces Michael Bolton`s new love song by saying, "Ib yo baar baar rowey Can I Touch You There, mein boloon, please specify where." 

Those crazy cartoon characters they had: Simpu Singh & Channel [V] Bai

Simpu Singh`s `the pankass`, the hansup` sketches were simple, but silly enough that viewers laughed every time they came on TV.

And who can forget the Channel [V] Bai`s `itna paisa mein itnayich milega`.

Spice Girls came to India!

The iconic moment when Channel [V] got Spice Girls to India! Good old days!!!

Varieties of shows

Get Gorgeous -  a model hunt show way before India’s Next Top Model came to our notice.

Dare to Date – A reality dating show.

Axe Your Ex – You were served vengeance in a shot glass with some lemon on the side. All your frustrations on your break up could be taken out and Channel [V] helped you to re gain your peace of mind!

Popstars – A reality music show which gave us bands like Viva!

V International – Where you got your daily dose of international tunes!

Channel [V] came to India in 1993 and became one of the first entertainment channels. It entertained Indian kinds with its international music and gave us video jockeys and latest music!

Where did it go wrong?

Rather than trying different things with more up to date sorts of programming, the channel made outrageous strides of moving from one genre to another.

The reason could be anything, but sadly for us, it’s a goodbye to Channel [V]! It may have lost it’s way, along the way of its popularity but it will always be close to our heart!  

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