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Oct 14, 2017


Hello dear netigens today at 1 pm, the trailer of “Tumhari Sullu” was released. It’s about 2 minutes 30 seconds long and shows the fun and quirky side of Vidya Balan.

The trailer starts with RJ Malishka talking to Sulu about her win in some radio related completion, but she very bluntly asks for something else instead. She has already won loads of other prizes via radio. This shows, her keen interest in the world of radio!

Sulu seems any other housewife, who is not very happy or satisfied with her life but finds humor in everything she sees or does.

Neha Dhupia plays the role of a FM owner, who finds the idea of Sulu being a RJ very interesting. So, they start a late night show with her.

Suddenly there’s some intense drama happening, which I guess is due to Sulu’s busy schedule and lack of interest in her personal life.


This light hearted comedy drama has been the talk of the town lately. Ad filmmaker Suresh Triveni directs it. The music of the film sits perfectly with the trailer. The “hawa hawai” song adds the charm and idiosyncrasies the film needs. We cannot hope anything less than a tummy tickling and mind boggling comedy-drama film from this one!


Lets get ready for 17th November everyone! 


You can watch the trailer down below. 


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