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Tumbbad dropped its trailer and we are more spooked than ever! Based on mythology and folklore, the film seems to be one among those content-driven films ready to shake the audiences’ nerves to the core.

By Neha Jha

Sep 27, 2018  Updated On : Sep 28, 2018

Tumbbad is based on the legend of the Goddess around whom a temple is built. However, human beings also seek to build a temple for the first-born child of the Goddess. Trouble begins when there seems to be some sort of a curse around it related to a treasure hidden deep inside. Whoever seeks to find that treasure, dies. Why? Because it is protected by a bad spirit or something of a monster. scarry!!!

Tumbbad First Look Posters & Release Date:

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Tumbbad released its first look on July 4 through a poster. We saw yet another poster on August 20. The teaser of the film released on YouTube on August 21.  

Tumbbad Story & Trailer:

The trailer of Tumbbad released on September 25. With the typical Maharashtrian drum beat and Ajay-Atul’s terrific, folk composition and background score, the film and its rainy, dark setting scared the bejesus out of audiences. Rooted in mythology, Tumbbad is a story of greed and misdirected ambition of a family and its generations which have been trying to solve the mystery of the treasure.

Tumbbad Star Cast:

Tumbbad stars Sohum Shah in his own production. The film had been in the pipeline for more than 10 years. It also took around 6 years in production. Shah had to play the role of a wrestler for which he gained around 8 kilos.

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Tumbbad Cast And Crew


Sohum Shah

Harish Khanna

Anita Date

Mohd Samad


Rahi Anil Barve

Adesh Prasad


Sohum Shah

Aanand L Rai

Mukesh Shah

Amita Shah


Mitesh Shah

Adesh Prasad

Anand Gandhi

Production Company/Banner

Eros International

Colour Yellow Productions


Ajay Atul

Jesper Kyd

Tumbbad Budget, Prediction & Box Office Collection:

Tumbbad has been made on a budget of Rs 50 Crores. The film has been shot by recreating the Pune of the olden days and the aura of mystery around the dome and the family. A mysterious past, legends of demons and an old, witchy woman, all of this forms a part of the narrative. Horror seems to have made a good comeback and we can see how intrigued the audiences already are.

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Tumbbad Box Office Collection

Time Duration

Collection (In Crores)

Tumbbad Box Office Collection Day 1

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Tumbbad Box Office Collection Day 2

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Tumbbad Box Office Collection Day 3

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Tumbbad Box Office Collection Day 4

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Tumbbad Box Office Collection Day 5

Coming Soon

Tumbbad Box Office Collection Day 6

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Tumbbad Box Office Collection Day 7

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Lifetime Collection Of Tumbbad

Coming Soon

Tumbbad Music Videos & Audio Jukebox:

You have Ajay-Atul and their brilliant background score, enough to scare people out of their brains! We can’t wait to hear more of the Marathi folklore in the film.  

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Tumbbad Music Videos And Details

Sl. No.

Song Title





Tumbbad Review & Hit or Flop:

Tumbbad seems to be one of those content-driven films we are seeing a lot this year. After Stree, there seems to be another film, of course waaaayyyy scarier, which has caught people’s attention. Tumbbad doesn’t brag of a huge star cast, but it does have method actors in it. For a film which took so much research to make, we expect the audiences to be there in the theatres in huge numbers.

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