Trends And Fashion News That Made Statements This Year

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By FBO Network

Jun 14, 2018

While Lollywood news comprises of crisp yet contrastingly stale tales of couples and irrelevant gossips, we present you a couple of snippets that are not only inclusive of feminism but have managed to tackle sensitive issues with their inclusivity and support for equality and humanity.

Miss America and the Swimsuit Competition:

Ever since the 20s’, Miss America had been serving as a pageant that spoke for the beauty of women globally. However, participants and competitors have had their conflict with the show, particularly due to the fact that the pageant was an excuse to body-shame women and defame those of color and race.

Miss America has been giving the world fashion news a really tough time with its decision to scrap the swimsuit competition from the pageant’s itinerary for good. The pageant’s chairman, Gretchen Carlson claims that the pageant – that once had allowed only white, tall women to compete long ago – has been trying to make the competition more interactive and inclusive to all races and body types.

Power Suits are back:

Louis Vuitton paved the fashion runway and made waves in the Hollywood news with its return of the classic power suit from the 80s in its Cruise 2019 Collection. While the label tried to opt for a fun yet the youthful picture, Emma Stone left no stone unturned to redefine the look with a bolder and sassier stance.

She sported a pair of high-waisted black harem pants and a white shirt with oversized shoulders and black suspenders to the Paris Ceremony for the LVMH Prize – and topped off her look with a red bold lip as well.

Hijabs on the Catwalk:

Magazines and catwalks have welcomed Muslim fashion models around the world, particularly after CoverGirl featured Nura Afia in 2016 as its Brand Ambassador. Ever since then, catwalks have welcomed hijabs and have caused the world of fashion to be more accommodating towards people of all cultures and castes.

Models such as Mariah Idrissi and Halima Aden have not only inspired modest fashion but have also continued to inspire thousands of young girls out there. Halima Aden’s rapports led American Eagle Outfitters Inc to design and showcase a hijab made exclusively out of denim. Due to her efforts, women around the world have been facing challenges in order to be the faces on the ramps as international fashion models.

Dior and the Counterculture Movement:

It has been 50 years ever since the Paris Student Protest took place in 1968. 2018 has been, however, similar to Dior as women continued to protest, albeit not for education reforms, but due to the lack of miniskirts in the store. Maria Grazia Chiuri felt this as a need to welcome the protesters and embrace a new line of fashion for women who embrace and support the uprising of feminism in this era.

Chiuri launched a line that indulged in patchwork from the 60s – albeit from the period when the protest took place – and infused it with her own feminine genius and feminist approach. The line consisted of bold school uniforms, jackets, kilts and tulle skirts that had been fused with color and a bold stream of passion to spark fiery and ambiguity for women of the 60s – and the present as well.

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