Top Bollywood Adult Movies that made no one feel reduced to a vagina..??

Top Bollywood Adult Movies that made no one feel reduced to a vagina..??

By Ankita Mohanty

Feb 1, 2018  Updated On : May 22, 2018

With Swara Bhaskar`s open letter creating a stir on the internet, Padmaavat has added a few more names to its list of haters.

It`s not just about someone..or someones putting up an act of pseudo-feminism, the saddest part is, people are ACTUALLY! standing up for their comments. Intolerance...Insecurity? No judgments!! We are a nation of highly opinionated, ignorant and sensitive brats. Raising up our hands for freedom and right of expression. The reality is most of us have just read about the constitution and our civil rights in our 5th grade Civic Course books. Twitter and Instagram are the true mother load of knowledge. And we CAN-NOT help but comment on anything and everything possible..there you go, of course, the right of expression.

Whoops! Sorry.

Certain filmmakers and actors from India and abroad,  are of the opinion that Padmaavat has reduced women to the status of a `Vagina`. Although we don`t quite understand the co-relation between the two, it seems like, the movie has somehow offended certain women. The question is using the word Vagina..for showing how offended we feel, is not...offensive? So...Vagina`s a slang here right. The last definiton we read of Vagina was "the muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus in women and most female mammals." But then again, we might be wrong. Here are some awesome blossom movies public and celebs loved equally that did not make anyone feel like a vagina.


Bringing porn to mainstream, this erotica has literally reduced women to vaginas.

A frustrated writer needs masala to amp up his writing career and what else can add more tadka to a man`s life than a woman. Directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal, Mastram gathered a lot of attention for its matured content and intimate scenes. Realism is taken to the next-best level. Working stiff by day, and a manufacturer of illicit sex by night, Mastram fantasizes any woman who crosses his path, making them objects of pleasure in his stories.

B.A. Pass

Taking perversion to the highest order, B.A. Pass is one such movie, you should seriously reconsider, before watching it along with family. No, it`s not about education as the name suggests, rather about sex education. A middle-class college going boy who in order to pay for his sister`s college and hostel fees ends up becoming a gigolo to a sultry middle-aged woman ( apparently his boss`es wife). It`s only Shukla`s complete commitment to the role that just about saves Sarika from becoming a caricature that speaks breathily and wears brightly-colored bras.

The movie was not only well received but surprising it won the Best Film Award in the Indian section at the Osian’s Cinefan Festival and Montreal World Film Festival in 2012. It also won The Prix Du Public award at the South Asian Film Festival in Paris.

NO ONE brought a woman`s vagina into question then?

Kyaa Kool Hain Hum Saga

There`s a fine line between offensive and comical. The filmmakers have clearly blurred the lines. The ‘Kyaa Kool Hain Hum’ series produced by Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Films banner is an encyclopedia of all adult jokes and double meaning one-liners. The first two installments were even received well at the box-office whereas the third one bit the dust. Busts, bums and.....err balloons.

Still no #vagina comments!


Mastizaade is pure tits and arse. Scenes and songs are randomly stitched together by sexual innuendo. Director Milap Zaveri’s adult sex comedy `Mastizaade` had Sunny Leone in a double role with a caption that read ‘Sikka Hilega’ to go with it. Two spoilt brats addicted to sex who meet Sunny Leone and fall Despite receiving objection for its sex jokes by the censors ‘Mastizaade` EVEN managed a lukewarm response at the box-office.

No one`s Va-Jay-jay is dragged into question here??


Welcome to Lust-School.

This `upright` teacher teaches the most immoral lesson of love - "Love is like summer vacations, it gives a different type of pleasure every year," and the crowd hails it with a loud applause!

Being loud, shameless and boisterous in school is actually cool. Fancying and fantasizing your oh-so-HOT is no biggie. Poonam Pandey`s entry in this school as a theatre teacher is all that was needed! A full-bodied sex drama with a quintessential hint of perversion and fetishes.

No one felt reduced to a Hoo or Hah here too.

It is pathetic that period dramas like Padmaavat have been dragged into investigation time and again for absolutely no reason. Leaving aside any historical inaccuracies ( as movies are essentially a work of friction), the film has nothing objectionable, to make any woman.. or man feels reduced to a Vagina.

Like they say...eyes are the window to a person`s mind.

"Kisiko patthar mein paras...aur kisiko paras mein patthar nazar ata hai"- Rani Padmavati

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