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Jul 1, 2017

Rains…the season of love, romance & dancing in the rains….

What? We sound too filmy to you? Well, we’re all filmy down here! And today we’ve put together Bollywood’s Top 5 Rain-Numbers of all times!

So guys, let’s just get to business!

Right on top we have Raj Kapoor’s epic‘Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua’from Shree 420 in 1955

Sung by the legendary pair of Manna Dey&LataMangeshkar, the onscreen chemistry of Raj Kapoor&Nargis under one umbrella is inseperable from everyone’s conscience as it plays on loop. Does it happen to you too?

But very few know that in this scene Raj Kapoor’s children Ritu, Randhir who were around 7 whili Rishi was just a mere toddler were seen wearing raincoats after being chocolate-bribed by Raj Kapoor himself! Too young to be bribed, eh? SWAG MODE ON KIDDOS!

Hopping on to the next song, we have one of the most sizzling Rain-songs of all times - Tip Tip Barsa Paani from Mohra in 1992.

Sung by the romantic pair Udit Narayan &AlkaYagnik who have given many evergreen hits like KuchKuchHotaHai, Kaho Na PyaarHai, etc. But, hang on, this song is sampled from the song: “Roll Down Di Rubber Man” by Dr. Alban released in 1992. Don’t believe us? Hear for yourself!


Who knew we had been listening to an European based Nigerian artist the whole time?

As we approach the millennium, we have A.R Rahman’s ‘magnum opus’ -Ghanan Ghanan from Lagaanin 2001 which has a breath of rising hopes with the perfect blend of the rich Indian Classical music to it, group sung by Udit Narayan, Sukhwinder Singh, AlkaYagnik, Shankar Mahadevan&Shaan.

Notice the earrings Aamir Khan wore the entire time? Reportedly, these actually belong to his wife for which he pierced his ears in real! Guess, this man is always full of surprises!

As we tread through the late 2000’s how can we ever forget the evergreen ‘Barso Re’ from Guru in 2007

It’s a trendsetter for all the rain songs that represents the ‘Not A Care in the World’ feel! Another A.R Rahman masterpiece that’s as intriguing to watch as AishwaryaRai dances her heart out on the screen!

But, hey did you know, there’s a scene in the song where Aishwarya is cycling, during practise of the same, her skirt got caught in the bicycle chain & she smashed into a ‘No Parking’ board, which postponed the shoot for few hours & she was back to rock the world! An ultimate Badass, Girl!

Finally, we’ve reached to 2016, we couldn’t think another song compared to ‘Cham Cham’ from Baaghi that has taken over the hearts & the minds of the people!The carefree vibe ofShraddhaKapoor& Tiger Shroff is infectious! We mean what more do you need if you’ve 2 annoyingly goodlooking dancers such as these 2 around?


But, hey did you know these 2 were also classmates in their childhood? See, now you know why they look so cute together? Coz, it’s all natural!

Now we’ve given you 5 more reasons to rejoice in the rains with some romance & rain-dancing with your loved ones! Let us know what you think about it!

Happy Monsoons!

Image Credits: Vevo& T-Series

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