Top 10 Fashionistas of Bollywood

By Barsa Ray

Feb 22, 2018

Style, Glamour, and Bollywood always walk hand in hand. Dating back to the 1930s, various actors and actresses have been touted as style icons for their distinctive aura and vogue. Millions look up to these personalities for the latest fashion trends. These Bollywood fashionistas bring their on-screen exoticism in real-life as well.

Here’s a list of top 10 Bollywood Fashion Icons

1.Sonam Kapoor:-

Time and again, Sonam has proved her taste in fashion. Be it the airport or at any social ceremonies, Miss Kapoor’s style statements have wooed many fashion enthusiasts.

2.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:-

From donning trendy outfits to experimenting with her looks on every outing, Mrs. Bachchan has always been ranked one of the top style icons in Bollywood. The winner of 1994 Miss World pageant never fails to mesmerize us with her magnetic aura.

3.Amitabh Bachchan:-

The style quotient of the Shahenshah of Bollywood has only gotten better with age. The Megastar is quite renowned for his style statements other than his movies and acting chops. Irrespective of the occasion, Mr. Bachchan looks sharp in his custom outfits.

4.Kareena Kapoor Khan:-

From rocking her maternity fashion to looking ravishing on the ramp, Kareena Kapoor Khan has set a benchmark in the glamour world. She has never dropped the ball in terms of her no rules fashion sense.

5.Ranbir Kapoor:-

Ranbir Kapoor’s firm handle on latest fashion trends sets him a class apart from his contemporaries in the B-town. If rumors are to be believed, the actor has the largest collection of shoes in his wardrobe.  

6.Priyanka Chopra:-

Following her initial days in the industry, PeeCee has been termed as one of the leading style icons in Bollywood. From Google’s most searched dress of hers to starring in leading Hollywood flicks, Priyanka rules the fashion realm.

7.Deepika Padukone:-

The ‘Padmaavat’ star spellbinds the onlookers with her bold and valiant fashion statements. She completely slays the look with every outfit she wears.

8.Saif Ali Khan:-

The Nawab of Pataudi never leaves a stone unturned while making a public appearance. His irresistible charm amplifies his tailored suits and kurtas, and simply magnetizes the eyes of the beholder.

9.Ranveer Singh:-

The tackiness in Ranveer’s dressing reflects the sense of humor, energy and pure manliness that he possesses. There is always his distinctive touch of weird accessories with the attire he chooses to wear.

10.Hrithik Roshan:-

The list won’t be complete with the very Greek God of Bollywood. The undeniable vogues coupled with his tall, lean and muscular physique create a mystical atmosphere where we cannot take our eyes of him.

We simply can’t get enough of these leading fashion icons of Bollywood.

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