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Jul 1, 2017

Are you amongst them who can’t say no to a horror movie? Even if it’s scary, you still peek through the eyes? C’mon then Curious Cat, you’re in the right place as we have hunted some of the scariest movies in Bollywood of all times!

At the 10th place, we have:

Ek Thi Daayan (2013) 

Well, you have to admit this movie has some amazing VFX till date we have in Bollywood horror movies. If only it had a more gripping plot which wouldn’t have collapsed in the 2nd half, this movie could really have been one of Bollywood’s best!

Hey, wait you can still tune to the song ‘Yaaram’ anytime which has a very ‘Jazzy’ vibe that’s also Kalki’s first song for which she has ever lip-synced for in a movie!

At 9th place, we have:

Veerana (1988)

A Ramsay classic that has a really slow narration, but considered quite good in comparison to the movies of those times! I know what you’re thinking, how’s this good enough to land at the 9th place?

There’s some really interesting event that led to the making of Veerana, which is why we gave it to this movie since it’s somewhat based on a real-life incident! Apparently when Shyam Ramsay was returning from Mahabaleshwar after filming PuranaMandir, he had a very narrow escape on the highway from a real witch, that inspired him to make the movie! Spoooooky!

At the 8th place, we have:

Haunted 3D

A movie that’s based on spells & curses is actually quite scary because of its amazing background score & the music! C’mon guys, all the songs are really good in the movie! And there’s something more, it’s India’s First Ever Stereoscopic Movie ever!

At the 7th place, we have:

Ragini MMS

I know you all have heard about it, because of its fresh appeal! Now, since it engaged mostly the young mass, this movie has really started a cult as this movie was India’s first Found-Footage horror movie! Getting a vibe of ‘The Paranormal Activity’? It’s exactly what made it a huge hit!

At 6th place we have:


A story about re-incarnation & possession, this movie has got it all! After all, it’s one of the highest grossing Bollywood movies ever! It has some classic VFX and unlike others has a really gripping plot & effective narration, making it the perfect flix to watch with your friends at the weekend!

Now for the TOP 5 in our list

At 5th spot we have:


We all know how EPIC South-Indian movies could be and this movie really lives up to it. A story about past-life & vengeance it has a backdrop of the Raja-Maharaja era. The acting of AnushkaShetty&SonuSoodreally adds up on the dramatic & rustic feel throughout!

At 4th spot we have:


A Vikram Bhatt movie that really is still remembered because of its beautiful music & those heart-warming dialogues. The movie generated quite a stir because of its steaming scenes but was also a massive success over the Box Office. But, Hang on! Did you know that the roles of BipashaBasu& John Abraham was first offered to Anil Kapoor& Lisa Ray! That’s not all, they both turned it down as they believed horror movies don’t do well in Bollywood!

At 3rd spot we have:


A movie that focuses on corneal transplant, in this case UrmilaMatondkar who sees the other world after the transplant has somewhat a feel of ‘The Sixth Sense’ in it and plays well on the screen. Guess what guys! Once this film released people were actually afraid to go for a transplant in 1990’s, scared that they would see the dead everywhere! Funny times, 90’s!

At 2nd Spot, we have:


Another UrmilaMatondkar horror starring the biggies like Ajay Devgan, Nana Patekar, SeemaBiswas all under one frame. The plot centres around the moving of a couple into a haunted house when the wife gets possessed! This movie is the only Bollywood flick that’s 2 hour long, female-centric & without any music throughout, still made a smashing 86 crores on the Box Office those times.

At 1st Spot, we have:


Another South-Indian film dubbed in Hindi, starring Revathi, Om Puri, RohiniHatangidi centralises around the possession of a college girl getting possessed after moving into a haunted place. It’s yet another story that makes you scared and marvelled at the same time. There’s something that you should know about this movie that you should know that, this movie has live on-set recording, instead of studio!

Guys, these were our picks of Horror Movies! What do you reckon? Share with us in the comments below. Ciao!

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