This Priyanka Chopra film is a disservice to the boxer

By Admin

Sep 6, 2014

There`s a tip that we`re frequently given before going to watch a Bollywood movie: "leave your brain at home" to enjoy the experience. Omung Kumar`s Mary Kom is one of those titles. Ignore reality, turn a blind eye to the messages that the film unwittingly conveys and dismiss details like how painted-on Priyanka Chopra`s freckles look, and Mary Kom is not a terrible waste of money.

Chopra plays Mary Kom, the daughter of a poor farmer who loves boxing. She lives in a remote village in Manipur and spends a lot of her time picking fights with boys. Her fondness for fisticuffs isn`t because she needs anger management classes — though there`s a very good case made for that in Saiwyn Qadras`s story and screenplay — but because she loves boxing.

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