Dilwale – A disappointment for Shah Rukh Fans

Dilwale – A disappointment for Shah Rukh Fans

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Jun 29, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

Dilwale by “Rohit Shetty and Team” is a superficial, half-hearted effort at inducing comedy and romance while failing in both. While Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol came together in the film after decades, their romance has no spark whatsoever. Too much of flashback also does not work well and the film goes to ruts. It’s unbelievable how actors like SRK and Kajol decided to work together in this film out of all. Rohit Shetty’s obsession with automobiles is seen in this film too. Kriti Sanon does nothing much except lurk around Kajol or romance Varun. That is why SRK fans might be heavily disappointed with this film which has nothing for him. A few songs here and there don’t do much for it. 

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