The sole interest of the Nation: Padmavati

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Dec 2, 2017

It all started before the shooting of Period Film Padmavati began, when the director of the magnum opus, Sanjay Leela Bhansali got slapped when Karni Sena protested against the filming in Jaipur. When they vandalised the sets and tried to get very violent.

Padmavati has been surrounded by controversies since the start and it seems like now, it has no end. We try to understand why such violence has risen over something as petty as a film. Films are supposed to be the brain child of a director and the writers. Its art after all! If artists stop doing what they do, what will the world come to be! Just a empty shell? So, why can’t we be more tolerant towards art?

We made a time line of all the major controversies Padmavati had to go through!

1.     Painter working on the sets of Padmavati fell.

The worker working on the larger than life set of PAdmavati, fell from a height of 5 feet and got injured.


2.      Sanjay Leela Bhansali slapped!

During the shoot of the film in Jaipur, the Karni Sena got very violent about the whole process of filming and vandalised the set where in Sanjay Ji got slapped in the entire process.


3.       Sets in Kolhapur set on fire.

History repeated itself in Kolhapur. The sets in the Masai Plateau was vandalised and set on fire in the night. Armed people protested the shooting process and tried to threaten Bhansali to stop the filming.


4.       Burning poster.

The first poster of Period Film Padmavati was released in September and it had the images of Deepika Pdukone. Once again, Karni Sena stroke! They burnt the posters and shouted slogans against Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It was a riot!


5.       Larger than life Rangoli destroyed.

An artist took 48 hours to make a rangoli of the Padmavati poster ( Deppika Padukone). It was the largest rangoli ever made! The surat artist took so much pain and patience to work on it, but it got destroyed in less than a minute.


6.       Politics! Politics! Politics!

The BJP government asked the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and the Central government to hold the releasing of the film as it hurt the Kshatriya Community. So much to garner votes from goons!


7.       Chittorgarh stood still.

A riot broke in the Rajasthan city of Chittargorh, as hundreds of people took to the streets to stop the releasing of the film. They wanted a ban on the film for tampering with the rich history of India.


8.       Countrywide ban on Padmavati.

Now, this got a little too much to handle! Shri Rajput Sabha wrote to the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to ban the film country wide.


9.       Protests spread like wildfire.

The protests and riots reached other parts of the country as well. The Karni Sena took the protests to Haryana, Gujarat and seek ban in Karnataka. The film halls in Kota were also vandalised.


10.   Bounty hunter!

A Meerut based Thakur leader Abhishek Som made claims to give 5 crore as a reward to anyone who can behead Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Where is your humanity Thakur sahab?


All these controversies led to the postpone of the movie’s release. And, now we have no clue when the period film will be released! If this keeps continuing, the essence of art will be lost in violence and vandalism. I request you to respect the director and his film, and not do anything just for some publicity. The mayhem caused due to this, has not been a easy one. If we don’t stop now, we will never be able to control it in future.

I hope, Padmavati releases soon and we get to see the beauty of the filmmaking.


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