From `Ande` to `Fevicol` - The Most Ridiculously Hilarious Songs of Bollywood!

`Main layaa hoon chooha apna, kaha hai teri choohi` - Whether it makes sense or not, it is extremely funny. And Remember Govinda’s Main Laila Laila Chillaunga, Kurta Phaad Ke? Lets us make the greatest ever countdown on songs that are terribly funny.

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Aug 28, 2017  Updated On : May 26, 2018

From story of eggs to nature’s call, Bollywood seems to have a song for every situation, even for the times when no one’s in a state to talk, let alone sing. I mean, who can ever sing a song while they’re getting choked with the heat of chillies? Tujhe Mirchi Lagi Toh Main Kya Karoon. Recently while surfing the net I came across a song like `Main layaa hoon chooha apna, kaha hai teri choohi` I was left aghast! I was stunned and didn`t know if this was a joke or if there was actually such a song.

That’s literally how I realised that Bollywood has been gifting us such pleasant surprises since a long time, it’s high time we gift them something in return that has a taste of their own medicine!

Gosh, I was literally ROFLMAO! Music directors have been bombarding us with foot-tapping songs that hide embarrassingly dim-witted, meaningless lyrics! You`ll blow your brains out after you see that these were the songs you hummed in your childhood.

Why not start with the lamest of all, Ande Ka Funda:


STORY OF AN EGG "Anda" in Hindi means egg and "Funda" is short for Fundamentals. So there you go - The fundamentals of an egg. Any song dedicated to an egg doesn´t need any explanation.

After Eggs, come Batata Vadaaaa, Batata Vada:

Dil nahin dena tha dena pada Batata Vadaaaa, batata Vada, Pyar nahin karna tha karna pada. This translates to Batata Vada, I didn`t want to give my heart, but had to give; Batata Vada, I didn`t want to love, but had to love. I don’t understand how even the Batata Vadaa stays so delicious after listening to all of this! Stay away from my plate of Batata Vada, you!

And there’s more, remember the song, Jab Tak Rahega Samose Mein Aaloo:

Akshay Kumar & Juhi Chawla have really outdone themselves in this headless song, no wonder they’re such versatile actors!

Another song about khaaney peeney ka samaan, you ask? Here’s the irritating, Kaddu Katega Toh Sab Mein Batega:

If that’s what this song is about then, why make the announcement? Just cut the damn pumpkin and dole them out to the guests, for heaven’s sake!

Remember, Ice Cream Khaungi, Kashmir Jaungi:

Another song that sounds wrong in all the ways, looks like after Blue Hai Paani & Tandoori Nights’, these two (Honey Singh & Himesh Reshamiya) are trying to reach a new level of ‘bizarre’!

Aaah, and how can we ever forget Kareena’s so-called ‘HOT’ yet completely crass, Fevicol Se:

As if pasting Kareena’s photo on Salman’s chest with fevicol wasn’t enough that they went too far saying "main to tandoori murgi hoon tayyaar, gatkale saiyan alcohol se.”  I mean, why can’t they just leave food alone?

Moving on from food items, how about professing love to your partner by comparing it to garments? Remember Govinda’s Main Laila Laila Chillaunga, Kurta Phaad Ke? Well this song is the modern version of it & I bet you all love the song too much to notice it before, we have Saree Ke Fall Sa:

Did they find nothing in the world to compare love to except a garment? I wonder why Sonakshi is omnipresent in every other such song (Tamanche Pe Disco, Gandi Baat, Nachan Farrate to name a few) Is she writing them? She is definitely the one writing them.

Even the most popular party-anthems aren’t bared to this lyrics ki watt lagaying! Don’t believe us? How about DJ Waaley Babu:

Objectification of women goes to another level: 

"Aaja baby aaja, bajadun. Bajadun, bajadun"

 Well, yes. That is how the song ends. *Awkward*


And that’s not all! Looks like we owe our beloved senior actors like Jeetendra, Govinda, Akshay Kumar & even The Amitabh Bachchan for such diseased-lyrics!

Remember Jeetendra & Sridevi’s Taaki, O Taaki (you mean Tacky, Tacky right?) or Tohfa’s Ek aankh marun toh parda hatt jaaye, Dooji aankh marun qalyja qat jaaye, Dono aankhein marun toh chhori patt jaaye, chorri pat jaaye?

Govinda & Akshay Kumar are perhaps the best in this trade, who have given some unforgettable irritable songs of our lifetimes like Sarkailo Khatiya Jaada Lage & Baraana De Baraana De Baraana

Even Amitabh Bachchan has that song, Padosan Apni Murgi Ko Rakhna Samhal, Mera Murga Hua Hai Deewana!    Whoa, Wait What?

Finally, we have the melody which speaks our mind after listening to such songs, Aa Khushi Se Khud Khushi Karle:

Really? Do they even check what they wrote? I don’t think so. Coz if they would have, they would have killed themselves. Even a zombie could write a better song than this!


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