The Golden Heart of Bhaijaan: Salman Khan`s Charitable Acts

The Golden Heart of Bhaijaan: Salman Khan`s Charitable Acts

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Dec 26, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

"Upar khuda hai, neeche Salman Khan", a very emotional Gowhar told a media spokesperson while Salman Khan was shooting for his film `Bajrangi Bhaijaan` in Kashmir.

Gowhar Ahmad Bhat, who resides with his family of in Pahalgam, was one of the many people, who got to witness the softer side of Bollywood`s bad boy. When Salman came to know about the condition of the family, he came to their rescue almost immediately, with a job for Gowhar and a promise that `they would never want anything else`.

The 52-year-old superstar who has come up with another blockbuster `Tiger Zinda Hai` is often referred to as the hero of the masses. There is no denying that he is considered the biggest money churner of Bollywood. But this has never stopped him from doing charitable works. On screen, he might be the tough guy who rides horses, kicks butts and saves the dame: off screen, he is our beloved `Bhaijaan`. Not without a reason. Salman Khan`s Charitable acts has made his super fans worship his stardom. Literally.

Whether it be helping the poor, donating paintings to charity or funding kids education, the Salman has never cringed from showing his softer side to the public.

With the social media is going gaga over Salman Khan`s `Tiger Zinda Hai`, Google Search results are flooded with `Salman Khan controversies`, `Salman Khan hot pics`, `Salman Khan Tiger Zinda Hai and for some weird reason, `Salman Khan...wife!`...? So, we have taken the task upon ourselves to show you best of Bhai.

1. Being Human

Being Human, an NGO founded by Salman Khan has helped many underprivileged children across India to get a better education. Not just that, the NGO has announced to help patients with heart ailments. Quote ( Salman): "If any kids on F B ya twitter who has a heart condition n can`t afford to get it treated, B H will get 100 genuine patients treated."

2. Salman: The Painter

While shooting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan the actor along with his crew members took upon themselves the task of painting every house of  Hatluni, a remote village in Karjat. The 30-member group, including Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kabir Khan `painted every house, village library and even the water tank` stated a report.

3. Actors Launched by Salman:

Many B-towners are being launched and mentored by Salman. Himesh Reshammiya, Sajid Wajid, Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Kapoor, Katrina Kaif are few of the many celebs who owe their career to Bhai. He is fast turning a Godfather to many starlets, who otherwise find it hard to survive the nepotism in this industry. Salman Khan has never backed out from lending a helping hand to many celebs in times of crisis.

4. Salman`s Love for kids:

From supporting education to dancing with them in the mall, Sallu Miyaan has been favorite amongst kids. The `Bajrangi Bhaijaan` star keeps on sharing many candid snaps with kids on social media. On many occasions, the Salman has been spotted playing football, buying balloons and even dancing with underprivileged kids. Sweet!

5. Sharing his Celebrations:

While many of the celebrities are found throwing a fancy party in L.A or lounging in some of the poshest locations in the country, the Sultan of Bollywood is pretty low profile when it comes to celebrations. Bollywood`s bad boy, decided to celebrate his Diwali, last year with kids from a band called Dharavi Rocks who make music with the help of junk items like buckets, old tins, wooden planks.

This controversy`s child has always been in a love-hate relationship with the media. Despite all the rumors,criticism and hush-hush regarding his personal life `Bajrangi Bhaijaan` has always kept his cool and obliged his fans on various occasions. Because,  Ek baar jo bhai ne commitment karli...fir woh khud ki bhi nahi sunte. 

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