Technician dies on the sets of Anushka Sharma Starring Pari in Kolkata

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Sep 1, 2017  Updated On : Apr 7, 2018

A technician Sh. Shahabe Alam from the lighting department died of electrocution on the sets of Anushka Sharma’s upcoming supernatural flick ‘Pari, Not a Fairytale.’ He, reportedly, died of electrocution after coming in contact with a live wire on the set. The mishap occurred at an outdoor shoot in Korolberia, Kolkata around a bamboo bush.

Following the demise of Alam, the shooting of the film has been halted. The makers are trying to assure Alam’s family gets all the assistance and compensation they need for the last rites as well as for his work. The co-owner of Clean Slate Films, Anushka Sharma’s production house, Karnesh Sharma, also clarified that required medical assistance was provided when the mishap occurred. He further said that no safety protocols were breached and this wasn’t a case of lapse on their part. Terming it as “just an extremely unfortunate accident”, he cleared that there was no case of negligence by Alam.

Pari was supposed to release in February 2018. But going by the tragic incident, it seems the release date might be moved. 

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