Superstar Rajinikanth`s new film Lingaa is absolutely ridiculous

By Admin

Oct 25, 2014

The first song in Lingaa shows Rajinikanth flouncing his long jacket in different parts of the world and at one point, if the subtitles are to be believed, he sings, "Pal, don`t lose control of your sense."

Too late, sir. This Pal lost that battle a long time ago.

To some, the greatest evidence of my lost and still-not-found sense is that I watched Enthiran twice. Like in Enthiran, Rajinikanth has a double role in Lingaa, the Tamil superstar`s first release in four years. However, KS Ravikumar`s film isn`t quite bonkers enough to be hailed as the best Rajinikanth film. It is, however, ridiculous enough to make you burst out in giggles every few minutes for the better part of Lingaa`s 175 minutes.

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