#SuiDhaaga Full Movie Review: Sui Dhaaga is Sweet Texture On Rags To Riches Skill Development

Sui Dhaaga has hit the theatres and the audience seems to be happy even though the story does not offer anything new. It makes for a wonderful one-time watch, nevertheless

By Neha Jha

Sep 28, 2018

Film - Sui Dhaaga

Cast - Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma

Director - Sharat Katariya

Rating- ⅗ (✮✮✮✰✰)

Stories of underdogs and rags to riches are the most cliched ones. Yet, Bollywood knows just how easily the Indian audiences can lap them up. Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and Mamta (Anushka Sharma) provide you with the same with a pinch of tears, desperation and a story of human triumph. Not to mention the supporting cast, Mauji’s complacent father played by Raghubir Yadav who exemplifies the attitude of merely surviving for the sake of existing on the planet. All chords strike the right place, particularly in a country where the spirit of entrepreneurship is more than a fad and the older generation finds it hard to digest the risks the young are taking.

The Plot

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Mauji, unlike Prem of Dum Laga Ke Haisha, is spirited and doesn’t lose hope despite being kicked around, first by his boss, then by his father who asks him to opt for employment and not try reviving the lost family tradition of weaving and tailoring or even embroidery. Sui Dhaaga showcases why the artisans and their community are forced to seek solace in meager existence when the government and the society fail them. Mauji and Mamta do not wish to merely survive; their aim is to make use of their skills and turn it into something economically viable for themselves as well the community. And they are ready to battle it out, both with their families as well as the society. It’s a story of skill development which is inherited but is lying in obscurity because the country seems to have forgotten their artisans.

A Hatke Feminism  

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Sharat Katariya, the writer and director, is honest to his views and the reality around us. We have an enterprising Mauji who, like his name, goes by the spirit of ‘Sab Badhiya Hai’ and even strives to make sure his dreams come true. Mamta is his equal partner in this and in everything else. She seems to come across as a truly empowered woman who, while on one hand does wish to perform her wifely duties, on the other also wants a life where she gets some self-respect, unlike other women of her community.

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Of course, Mauji and his father’s employment life is not a reflection of any lack of self-respect. In fact, like most people, it seems to be a wise and practical decision to make considering the kind of dreary and bleak future they see for their traditional crafts. Well, Mauji is defiant, but not to the point of overriding his parents. Also, Mamta is not someone who is merely supporting her husband. She is an equal partner in his work, his life and all the struggles they encounter, including the win in the end.

Mixed Tape Performances

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Varun Dhawan is seen dressing down and even compensating for his sophisticated good looks. He does a good job, particularly in scenes which require mirth and humor. Anushka Sharma shines through with her convincing portrayal of a middle-class wife who has to find empowerment by remaining a part of that community, not by running away from it. She will surprise audiences considering her doing away with bubbly roles, for once! The supporting cast adds another dimension to the nitty-gritty of daily lives, all of which make it entertaining for the audiences.

Yes, the climax falters a lot when all the winning and the glory begins. So, be prepared for some cliched, unrealistic scenes and context. Sui Dhaaga is a delightful family watch, much like Sharat’s previous work. A one-time watch, if not more, for sure.

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