What If Bahubali Is Remade Bees Saal Baad?

What would happen if Bahubali is remake 20 years from now? Wondering still? We got our creative engines running and brought you this list. Check it out

By Neha Jha

Jun 29, 2017  Updated On : Jun 14, 2018

The History

S.Rajamouli created history with Bahubali and now there are talks of another sequel in the making. This one will have a different script and maybe, a different crop of actors. Nevertheless, the magic and the madness that Bahubali created will have a lasting impact on people.

The future

So, what happens 20 years from now? Will there be an Indian film of that magnitude? We have already made so many advancements in technology. VFX and other special effects are the order of the day. Even regional cinema has begun experimenting with it. Who knows? The future might see filmmaking of an entirely different sort with the younger generation shying away from traditional forms of work and opting for more experiments.

We take a look at all that can happen if a film like Bahubali can be made 20 years from now.

More, more Special Effects -

We do expect a lot more use of special effects that we see now. Maybe, we will get to see all the films in 3D. Or maybe, the screens will grow bigger and better. India will have more of multiplexes than single screens. And that will compel filmmakers to experiment more. We can have so much more in terms of VFX and special effects which are made in India.

21st Century Bahubali -

Who knows? Bahubali might have entered the 21st century and the protagonists might be modern-day heroes. The Bahubali we know comes from an ancient land where monarchy was the order of the day. It was more or less an epic. But, 20 years from now, Bahubali might become one of us. Maybe, he will be a student or a young, dynamic professional looking for a better life and fighting inner demons. Or family politics. Or anything cool! Oh, that’d be awesome!

Make in India -

Bollywood hires technicians and special effect specialists from Hollywood. But, we might have our own technicians who are so adept at special effects that Hollywood begins hiring from India! That would mean so much better work for Bollywood and hence, a better crop of films. If Bahubali is remade or recreated, we can expect better special effects from our own homegrown technicians.

New Crop of Actors -

We will have an entirely new crop of actors. We do hope nepotism doesn’t find its way there as well though!! But, we would love to see talented actors make it to the big screen in one of the most expensive films to be made. These actors would probably know the backstory anyway since they have already seen the initial Bahubali. And hence, they can add more to the story

More Expensive -

Both Bahubali: The Beginning and Bahubali: The Conclusion has been made on a larger scale than any other Indian film ever. We can expect expensive films to be the order of the day. No doubt, the new Bahubali made 20 years from now will be much more expensive than ₹1,794 Crores. That would mean Bollywood will be ten times bigger and better than what it is now. How cool would that be!

That Eerie Tension -

There is an eerie tension in Bahubali 2: The Conclusion which fans were probably not aware of since they wanted the answer to the question, “Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali?” The crux of the film might not be just that but also the triumph of good over evil towards the end. And that recurring theme we do expect to be prevalent in the movies of tomorrow, no matter how evil the world becomes.

Building The Tension -

It is an entire ride from finding out the story from where it was left in the first part so much more in the coming scenes. We know, slowly, but with entertaining sequences in mind of why Kattappa was forced to follow the orders of the kingdom and serve it no questions asked. But Rajamouli succeeds in building up the necessary tension in the film. That is what keeps the audience hooked. If Bahubali gets remade again 20 years later, we’d want to see filmmakers keeping that spark, that tension alive. What would be the point if that doesn’t happen?

Keeping the Storytelling Tradition Alive -

India is a land of stories. We have had storytelling as the finest mode of entertainment for the longest time with us. Hence, it is important that the same tradition is kept alive. That is more important than anything else. Bahubali tells us a tale of good over evil, a love story, familial politics, faithfulness and so much more. It is kind of hard to put all of it together and weave a magical story around it. But, that is what Indian fairytales are made of.

Action Sequences -

Prabhas and Rana Daggubati went through intense training to get the physique of a warrior. And that can be clearly seen in the action sequences of the film. In fact, that is what makes it so entertaining and such an epic watch. Even if, in the future, we have a film made entirely based in the 21st century, we’d still love a few top-notch action scenes. Bike sequences, maybe? No, not the Dhoom type, but way better!! That’d be so awesome!!

Women, women, women -

Yes, 20 years from now, we’d want Indian films to be less sexist and have more realistic roles for women. Tamannaah and Anushka Shetty did a great job, no doubt. So did Ramya Krishnan. But, we’d definitely want more women fighting it off at the battlefield and kill the enemies rather than being at home! Also, we’d want more scheming and powerful women in Bahubali who wouldn’t shy away from doing what they need to. This Bahubali was all about the men. Let’s have more women calling the shots this time! In any case, what’d be the future like if we can’t have less of sexism and more of gender equality?

These are just some of the things we’d like the future Bahubali, made exclusively in India with Indians, to be like. All eyes are now on what Rajamouli has in store for the third installment. Let’s wait and see what he’d bring out for the fans yet. Meanwhile, the younger generation is soaking in all the inspiration. Where do we go from here? Only time will tell.

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