Sridevi’s “Mom” is all set to thrill audience in Armenia!

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Jan 9, 2018

How could you get the politics of your film almost perfect in the first half, and then descend into eternal Bollywood clichés about rape and maa in the second? How could you go from low-key to high-pitched within the span of a single narrative? How could you assemble some of the most talented screen performers ever seen together in a film, and then limit many of them with one-dimensional characterization? All these curiosities will be cleared once you watch the critically acclaimed Sridevi’s movie "Mom."

Mom begins with promise. Vivacious teenager Arya goes with her friends to a swinging party, and instead of working off an illicit hangover the next morning, and conducting giggly post-mortems with her school pals, finds herself in a dark, dark place.The film side-steps this crucial question in its quest to do quirk. As the four perpetrators (including a very vivid Abhimanyu Singh) seem to be getting off scot-free, Devki gets going, and from then on, the improbabilities pile up. Just how is a school biology teacher, for that is what Devki is, meant to know anything about breaking-and-entering and other things involving larceny? The plot is distressingly vague about these details, and we are left muttering, just like poor Akshaye Khanna who shows up as a crime branch cop reaching the point post-facto.

Sridevi starrer Mom will be screened at an annual festival of Indian films in Yerevan, Armenia. According to a statement by the makers, the Embassy of India in Armenia organizes annual Festival of Indian films during which most popular and award-winning Indian movies of that year are screened in Armenia’s -- Moscow Cinema.

The event is planned on the eve of Republic Day of India. This year the Embassy was offered a list of films and Mom, a drama thriller, was chosen to be screened among other two films including Bahubali 2: the Conclusion and Hindi Medium. Mom was also released in countries like the UK, US, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

We are so very proud of how the movie continues to connect with the audience all over, especially Russia and now Armenia. Mom exemplifies that strong performances and superior storytelling can win hearts and transcend boundaries!

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