Shekhar Kapoor to make Paani with Hollywood actors

Shekhar Kapoor to make Paani with Hollywood actors

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Mar 9, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

Paani which has been regarded as Shekhar Kapoor`s dream project is now moving to Hollywood after being shelved by Yash Raj films recently. This won’t be the first Hollywood project for the ace director who already has an impressive, Oscar-winning film Elizabeth in the West. If reports are to be believed, Paani will see two A-list actors from Hollywood as its lead.

Shekhar confirmed that he will not be doing the movie with Aditya Chopra, as was planned before. But he can’t forego it as it is a part of his life. “When I first spoke about the impending water scarcity 12 years ago, everybody laughed at me. Today, the water famine is a looming reality”, says Shekhar pensively. He, then, chuckles, “I do hope I am able to make Paani before the water becomes a rationed commodity. If I make it then, no one would be able to afford cinema tickets“.

Talking about his failed collaboration with Aditya Chopra and YRF, Shekhar, never known to weight his words, is understandably circumvented in answering this controversial question. He finally says, “See, you have to understand Adi is not only a producer. He is also a very accomplished filmmaker with extremely independent ideas on cinema. Adi and I are both fiercely individualistic filmmakers. We had our own creative differences over the making of the film. What Shekhar leaves unsaid is that the budget which Shekhar required to make Paani did not suit Yashraj and Aditya Chopra.

Previous reports indicated that the movie will star Sushant Singh Rajput and Ayesha Kapoor in lead roles. Sushant had already begun working for his role in Paani. Ayesha Kapoor was last seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black as the younger Rani Mukherji. The film was supposed to have a blend of Bollywood and Hollywood actors. Unfortunately, going by the recent reports seems it is not meant to be. 

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