‘Sanju’ teaser is out and Ranbir shines through!

Ranbir portrays Sanjay Dutt’s character as well as probably him! The iconic actors voice, avatars and charisma has been picked up by Kapoor with utmost ease!

By Vaishali Behera

Apr 24, 2018  Updated On : Apr 25, 2018

Indian audience has been holding their breath ever since the announcement of Rajkumar Hirani working on Sanjay Dutt’s biographical movie. Hirani has always had the best of reputation when it comes to his work and it would be difficult to entrust such an important project to anyone else. What makes this movie so important you ask? The fact that this man has made us fall in love and hate him all this while with brilliant acting skills and one of the most compassionate actors in the industry all while having a history with drugs and arms. He is himself is so confusing that it is impossible to not be interested in his biography. 

As if this was not intriguing enough we have the most loved Kapoor portraying him on-screen. Ranbir has stolen our hearts with his performances in Tamasha, Rockstar, and Barfi, hasn’t he? The one and a half minute trailer begin with Ranbir Kapoor emerging from jail in Sanju Baba’s avatar - the look he sported while on bail. Ranbir’s monologue of Baba’s life in the teaser will get you hooked! He has eased into Baba’s most famous characters and after watching him we are absolutely sure that Mr. Hirani made the right choice!

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