Sab Jag Soye- Quratulain Balouch & Shuja Haider Reaction Season Finale- Coke Studio Season 9

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Dec 28, 2017

Quratulain Balouch and Shuja Haider do their best to give us an alternate tune that has been astutely made yet they some way or another neglect to make any check. I have constantly preferred QB yet by one means or another for tunes like these, her voice goes over far too substantial and overloads the organization, pace shrewd. Having said that, I would pay in dollars to hear Shuja sing. His voice is perfect and completely a treat. How I wish this was only his tune! 

A song scratched into our brains because of the endless enchantment of Noorjehan`s voice, `Chandni Raatein` remained a staple for any individual who has ever experienced passionate feelings for. Presently, Coke Studio has spun its own weave on the track with `Sab Jag Soye`. In what is really a very much created tune – the tune is a two part harmony performed by Quratulain Balouch and music executive and vocalist, Shuja Haider in a totally particular style. Regardless of whether it is the way QB sings in her mark panache, or the way Haider brings his opportune yet solid, melodic vocals, the tune influenced us to acknowledge we`d appreciate Malika-e-Tarannum`s verses in any capacity conceivable, obviously, never contrasting and the genuine one.
adon chhad jaave

Naina bhar jaave
Hanjuaan da paani vich saada
Baida tar jaave

Teri meri tich jodi kadi na tu todi mere yaar
Hawaawaan sang uddi main
Tere utte diggdi o yaar

Ho gaya rogi
Kehte hain rogi
Aa tujhe leke chaloon jahaan chale
Sab jag soye ham jaage
Taaron se karen baatein

Teri meri tich jodi kadi na tu todi mere yaar
Hawawan sang uddi main
Tere utte diggdi o yaar (x2)

Takte takte tutt’di jaave
Aas piya naa aave
Shaam savere dard anokhe
Uthe jiya ghabraaye (x2)

Mera naseeb tu
Mere qareeb tu
Rabb di saunh tere jaya koyi nahi

Sab jag soye ham jaage
Taaron se karein baatein

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