Race 3 (2018) Budget Breakdown and Box Office Predictions

Race 3 is big and bloated. You can see it everywhere – in posters to spoofs. Let`s Find out how they spent the money and how much will they get back.

By Dev Meher

Jun 14, 2018

Oh boy, no one ever saw it coming? Salman Khan in Race franchisee and making it massive. The 2nd time around John and Deepika entered the cast and gave the series a star-lift. But this time around, Jacqueline and Salman have jumped in with a pretty funny-looking cast

The total budget for the film is 150 Crores. Let’s break the film’s budget down.  


Among the old guns, there is no one left except Anil Kapoor who has stuck to looking suave and mouthing badly written lines. The lead cast includes Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, Saqib Saleem, Freddy Daruwala.



Salman Khan’s fees are 50 crores. That is 1/3rd of the movie’s budget. Jacqueline’s take-home for a movie is 6-7 crores. This makes it very difficult to pay other actors (several other actors like Katrina and Deepika had been considered for the movie as well). Saif also, apparently, opted out because of Salman. Anyway, the complete billing for the cast is estimated to be around 65 crores.


The script has been around since 2016. Tips Honcho Ramesh Taurani had approached Salman and after a few changes, things fell into place. For martial arts, costume, choreography, action scenes, a lot of place-finding has been done. Given that Race big franchisee, Fresh Box Office estimates the royalty and script costs to around 2 crores.


Lavishly mounted and widely shot, this is one of the biggest movies of the year. Salman Khan has made sure that the action in the film is 2nd to none in Bollywood.


If you have seen the trailer and the songs, you know that the film is all that glitters (quite literally, although why Daisy and Bobby when you can get anyone?).


The film has been helmed by the Remo D’Souza (Salman had agreed to do the film on this condition) who is fresh from the success of ABCD 2.



Reportedly, a song and an action sequence, which was choreographed by Anal Arasu, at the Floating Market and Rose Garden. Add to that Abu Dhabi, Emirates, Kashmir, and Ladakh – this is an exquisite canvas of locations. The film’s composition has been done by Salim Sulaiman who are known to churn out successful numbers.


The production includes Cinematography, Art Direction, Music, Locations, Sets, Costumes, Assistants, Crew, Food, Stay, Choreography, Action, Insurance etc. Fresh Box Office team estimates that it is nearly 60 crores. Out of this, the lion’s share must have gone to the action scenes estimated at roughly 20-25 crores.


Rameshwar S. Bhagat who has edited Dhoom, Gunday and blockbuster Baaghi 2 must have taken home 1 crore. Given that the film’s genre is action, the spending on CGI and VFX is quite high. The total Post-production estimate is roughly 7-8 Crores.

Publicity and Advertising

Race 3 has been heavily publicized. Post Tubelight, Salman’s detractors have been prophesying his decline. But it doesn’t look that way to me. On online and offline, no expenses have been spared.

Although the marketing has been as low-brow and devoid of imagination as what we have seen of the movie, people have got hooked and are going to throng the theatres.

Fresh Box Office team estimates the marketing budget at 20 Crores.

Box-Office Predictions

Salman’s Race 3 has clinched an all-time biggest satellite deal at 130 crores, surpassing the last highest deal record set by Aamir Khan’s Dangal at 110 crores. The satellite recovery along with music sales has ensured that Race 3 is profitable even before release. Hail Salman!


At the time of writing this, I am already aware of the pre-booking. A thunderous opening on the scale of 35-40 crores on the first day looks like an obvious consequence. Quite Possibly, the movie will collect a 100 crores in the first weekend. Given the visibly poor story and possible flak, it will receive from critics and people, the film may wrap up under 300 crores.

Watch the official trailer of the movie Race 3 here:

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