Quirky Irrfan: 5 Times the Actor Sent us on a Laugh Riot

By Neha Jha

Feb 15, 2018

There can be no limits to Irrfan Khan and his talent. The man, who has been in the industry for more than two decades, has taken even Hollywood by storm. Known for playing off-beat, strong, unusual characters, he proved his mettle in commercial cinema as well.

The one characteristic feature that defines Irfan Khan is his quirkiness in portraying some realistic roles. And he adds fun to it. Here are 5 such occasions when he sent us on a laugh riot with his quirky roles -

1.Blackmail -

The teaser of his latest movie ‘Blackmail’ is touted to be a quirky comedy. We see Irrfan running with nothing on except boxers, shoes and a bag over his head. And he has no idea where he is going or why is he here! We can’t see him but his voice is clearly distinguishable. See? Can he make us laugh in just little glimpses?


Irrfan played the role of the owner of a taxi company of which Piku (Deepika) was a client. The taxi drivers would refuse to drive Piku and her father all the way to Kolkata from Delhi and the poor chap had to go! Plagued by his own personal problems after losing his job, he is forced to take care of his married sister, her kid and his mother who don’t give him a moment’s rest. In spite of it, he is sorted, calm and talks sense. That’s what made him so lovable.

3.AIB Party Song Spoof

This came out of the blue but was so well-received that even Akshay Kumar dubbed it funny! In the video, which was a roast and a criticism of party songs and their offensive lyrics and videos, Irrfan Khan is seen in a pivotal role grooving to the altered lyrics in flashy, shiny clothes. Just watching him like that in a funny song made us go ROFL.

4.Hindi Medium

The movie had a serious message and talked about an evil menace in the education system. Yet, it’s in the funny bits that we enjoyed it the most. Remember the “Oh Ho Ho...” dance he indulges in with his daughter in the movie. He danced with his heart, enjoyed himself, and remained completely oblivious to what the South Delhi elites thought about him.

5.Qarib Qarib Single

His quirky side was depicted in the funniest way possible in this movie with a refreshing take on love and relationships via a journey to Rishikesh. Irfan donned the role of a brash guy who dressed loud and had nothing in common with the girl he met on the dating app. Yet, his acting prowess gave us some hearty moments in the film. A must watch for the fans!

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