Period Film Padmavati and Saif Starrer Kaalakaandi; Possible Box office Clash

Period Film Padmavati and Saif Starrer Kaalakaandi; Possible Box office Clash

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Dec 8, 2017  Updated On : Apr 21, 2018

The period film Padmavati was initially scheduled for its release on 1st of December but with all the controversies going on, the film’s release date has not been fixed yet. The producers voluntarily deferred the release date of the film. With the case going to the court and getting into politics the date has not been set yet. But, from source we came to know thatr the film might release on 12th of January 2018.

Saif starrer Kaalakaandi is also set to release on 12th of January. Which means both the films could clash in the theatres. Kaalakaandi is a dark comedy film and the trailer was out on Wednesday and since then it’s been creating all the right kind of buzz. We have known Saif Ali Khan to experiment with his roles, and this film is everything we would want to see.  But now with the clash, the producers of Kaalakaandi are thinking of shifting their dates. We think it is a logical solution, as Padmavati has garnered lots of publicity and fighting alongsoide the film could get them in trouble. Talking about the clash with TOI, Saif said, “If `Padmavati` comes in (on 12th January), we will think of shifting our release date. I hope we don’t have to do that. `Kaalakaandi` is a film I am proud of.”

Saif is game with films releasing together but says, the producers are worry about it and teh actors should be considerate. This is what he exactly said, “It would have been nice to see Kaalakaandi releasing with Padmavati, as it shows that we have a film industry which makes a different kind of movies. Personally, I feel its good time to have films releasing alongside one another. But filmmakers are wary about it and you need to take that into consideration".

Saif starrer Kaalakaandi is a must watch for people who liked Delhi Belly and are into dark comedies. The trailer is amazing and keeps you on the edge. 

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