Pari trailer has every essence of a perfect nightmare

By Madhusmita Lenka

Feb 15, 2018

Anushka`s eyes to her body language and even her voice, in her latest production venture Pari isn`t something pleasant, rather a terrifying tale. Pari surely will take Bollywood a little higher in horror genre, with that creepy background music.

The trailer has hit the internet today and weak hearted people please stay away from it. The video is full of scary scenes that have the potential to give you nightmares for several nights.

The video starts with Anushka Sharma listening to something plugging in the earphones and the horror background score give you more spooky feeling. Then you will overhear a conversation between a man and a woman in a husky voice over. The dirty looking rag talks about Rukshana being assigned some task to complete. The woman says Rukshana will complete the assignment. You will get a glimpse of a man where he`s fixing a bruised eye with another eye ball in a glass.

The scene then shifts to Parambrata Chatterjee deciding upon giving Anushka Shelter. Obviously, A mistake! Her upside-down head visible from the window was especially the scariest one.

Towards the end, the camera moves over a woman’s foot who is seen cutting her nails. But this everyday act has been given the creepiest vibe ever. (It actually feels like heads are being ripped instead of nails) and that hysterical grin of the bruised Anushka.

We have been mocking horror films for almost a decade now and with the like of many 1920s, we had lost all hope from this genre but with Pari`s trailer, it seems like the horror genre is back!

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