Pari screamer 6: Anushka Sharma is hell-bent on scaring the living daylight out of you!

By Madhusmita Lenka

Feb 28, 2018

Anushka Sharma has been intriguing the audience with various screamers of her upcoming film Pari. Looks like Anushka Sharma will single-handedly revive the horror genre that is filled with mediocre content recently because the trailer for the film looks promising.

From the clips that have been released as of now, Anushka Sharma can be seen sporting two looks in the picture. While in one, she can send shivers down one’s spine, the other look is one in which she`s carrying a de-glam bubbly look.

As if we weren`t scared enough Screamer 6 of Pari takes our adrenaline rush to another level. Screamer 6 shows Anushka sitting on the top of a morgue and suddenly the dead bodies are revealed one by one. Oh! Wait! There`s a warning for you! There is no way out, every option; every path will take you to her. The scene opens in a morgue and while you take a while to spot her, the evil spirit is lurking around. Once again like previous screamers and trailers Anushka dares to look spooky as hell in this one as the camera pans close to her.

As we mention horror in the Indian landscape we`re reminded of the haunting memories of old Zee Horror Shows and its eerie theme, the background scores which actually had the potential to make us inspect everything around us in slow motion. For the past few years, films like Raat, Bhoot, Raaz and TV shows like Woh, Aap beet kept that legacy alive but the genre soon turned into horror comedy and that was the end of it all.

Anushka Sharma’s Pari looks quite thrilling with a plethora of mediocre horror films already in our basket!

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