Padmavati Pre-screening calls for historians’ opinion

Padmavati Pre-screening calls for historians’ opinion

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Dec 29, 2017  Updated On : Apr 21, 2018

Central Board of Film Certification has called for the opinion of two veteran historians from Jaipur on film Padmavati by inviting them to be a part of the pre-screening. While the Karni Sena is in no mood to be a part of the Padmavati pre-screening, a member of the royal family has given his consent to be present on the occasion. The team of historians includes Professor B.L. Gupta and Prof R.S. Khangarot. B.L Gupta is a professor of history in Rajasthan Vishwa Vidhyala and has written numerous books on medieval India whereas, Professor Khangarot is principal of Agrawal College.

The period drama "Padmavati",  which has been receiving widespread opposition from politicians and various communities, is unlikely to be released till next year, said sources in Viacom-18. The movie supposedly based on real-life incidents was set for release on December 1.  All went down for Bhansali when it faced public anger, post it`s trailer and song debut.

Khangarot said the entire brawl related to the movie is not between the Karni Sena and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, director-producer of Padmavati, but between Bhansali and history. He quoted "once we watch the film, it will be clear if history has been tampered with or not".

Speaking to media, Gupta said he was all for artistic freedom but then it should not happen at the cost of history. "It should be very clear that we will share the historical facts to the best of knowledge and will not be backing any political party," he added. The age-old custom of Jauhar (mass immolation) an age-old custom, should be shown effectively in the film or else it can have adverse effects on the audience, he said. He further added that it should not be romanticised in the film as well. Sources reveal a four-member panel has been formed to review the film next month.

Now the question arises whether it is necessary, to incorporate stakeholder`s opinion when CBFC has given a green signal to the movie?

In a reply, legal illuminaries has explained that CBFC being constituted under the Cinematograph Act 1952, has no authority to mandate the authentication of disputed historical facts. Hence Prasoon Joshi, chairman of CBFC, is right in his approach, to give the film a clean ticket.

While the stars of Padmavati are fearlessly supporting the movie, Karni Sena has issued fresh death threats. "I am 200% behind this film," said actor Ranveer Singh who plays Allaudin Khilji. Deepika Padukone  playing Rani Padmini, said recently that the opposition to the film illustrates a "regression" in India. 

The pre-screening date for Padmavati was fixed on 27th December, however, no further noise has been heard from the filmmakers or CBFC for that matter. Fans hold high hopes for the movie to release in February 2018.


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