Padman’s title song: The Pad Man Song winning our hearts with his quirks

Padman’s title song: The Pad Man Song winning our hearts with his quirks

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Dec 26, 2017  Updated On : Apr 21, 2018

Aren`t you all aware of the new superhero in the town that is fighting for women unabashedly against the society? Yes, here we are talking about none other than Bollywood perfectionist Akshay Kumar. After the rustic romantic ballad "Aaj se Teri," the makers of Akshay Kumar`s upcoming movie Padman has unveiled the new title track "The Pad Man Song" on Christmas day and we can`t stop humming that song. What can be a better Christmas day gift for all the Akki fans?

The Padman song starts with Laxmikant(Played by Akshay Kumar) Saying, "Ek aurat ki hifajat karne main na kamyab insaan apne ap ko mard kaise keh sakta hai" ( A man who doesn`t take care of a woman`s dignity,  can`t be called a real man). The song shows that our desi superhero Akshay Kumar has no superpowers like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman because he is a mad-man whose superpower lies within his concern towards the plight of women in rural areas who can`t afford sanitary napkins.

The song shows how The Pad Man Akshay faces difficulties when he tries to make cheap sanitary napkins and also how people in the village rebuke him for taking up a concept that is entirely associated with women. We get to see Sonam`s non-glamorous look throughout the song and towards the end of the song, in an upbeat manner, Sonam appreciates Akki`s marketing strategies saying, " Tu marketing gundaa hai saale." Don`t we all love it when in the end Laxmikant says, "Bharat k gareebi dikha dikha ke bahut dog millionaire ho gaye hai. Main bharat k nayi tasveer dikhana chahta hun"?

This 2:16 long Akshay Kumar`s upcoming movie Padman song The Pad Man promotes PM Modi`s make in India campaign. Akki , yet again winning our hearts with his dialogues in the intervals of the song. Penned by Kausar Munir and crooned by Mika Singh, the Pad Man song perfectly describes the journey our pagal-superhero Padman. Here are some lines we absolutely love from the song

                "Bhaad main jaaye angreji`

                  Nahin chahiye imported degree`

                  Made in India hai ye zigri."

You can watch the video here:

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