Padman director R Balki says ‘You can`t have ego while making films’!

By Ankita Mohanty

Feb 5, 2018  Updated On : Apr 10, 2018

Pad Man director R Balki who has worked with all the Bollywood biggies is of the opinion that film-making should be an `ego-less process`.


Balki opened up in an interview about how easy it is to be working with stars when the communication channel is clear, leaving space for no misunderstandings. He believes both the director and actor should be open to accept and reject each other`s suggestion.

The box office is going to witness a major clash on 9th February, as Padman and Aiyaary get ready to fight it out at the box office on 9th February.

Pad Man`s plot revolves around the life of Tamil Nadu-based ArunachalamMuruganantham, who created affordable sanitary napkins for the women of his village. The director said deep down he always knew Akshay would have been his best and first choice for Pad Man. Period!


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