Padmaavat- Box Office Update!

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Feb 5, 2018

There is no stopping of the Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’s starrer Padmaavat at the box office. While the movie’s high anticipation and also the ugly protests by the Karni Sena’s group helped in its humongous collection to a bit extend, the immense positive reviews of the critics had made its box office run nothing less than exemplary so far.

While in its first five days of release, Padmaavat crossed the 100 Crores mark at Indian Box Office, it is certain to cross the 200 Crores mark by the end of second Sunday, making Padmaavat the first 200 Crores grosser of Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh and the third 200 Crores grosser of Deepika. Shahid Kapoor, before the release of Padmaavat didn’t even have a 100 Crores grosser movie in his kitty but has debuted in the royal 100 Crores club with a 200 Crores not out film.

The movie, made with a colossal budget of 200 Crores, started slowly with 19 Crores in the first day of its box office due to the aggressive violations and protests from Karni Sena’s army. However, slowly and steadily Padmaavat gained its speed at the box office, making big money in its first Saturday (27 Crores) and Sunday (31 Crores) and eventually had a good run in the weekdays also. With Karni Sena now thinking of removing the ban from the movie, it seems that Padmaavat will also have a golden run in the box office in its second week as well.

Padmaavat in its second Saturday collected around 16 Crores making its total collection to 192.50 Crores. The movie had an extra ordinary 60% growth from its second Friday collection (10 Crores) and according to the early estimation of Sunday; there is further 30% increase in its collection from Saturday and the collections can go up to 24 Crores. Moreover, if the ban on Padmaavat gets lifted from the states of Gujarat, Rajhsthan and Madhya Pradesh, there will be an addition of few more Crores to it.

While Padmaavat is likely to gross the 250 Crores mark by second week, it will be interesting to see how it will stand-up in the third week, facing stiff competition from strong movies like Pad Man and Aiyaary.

Following is the breakup of the day-wise collection of Padmaavat.

Sunday, February 4- 24cr (early estimation)

Saturday, February 3 – 16 Cr.
Friday, February 2 – 10 Cr.
Thursday, February 1 – 11 Cr.
Wednesday, January 31 – 12.5 Cr.
Tuesday, January 30 – 14 Cr.
Monday, January 29 – 15 Cr.
Sunday, January 28 – 31 Cr.
Saturday, January 27 – 27 Cr.
Friday, January 26 – 32 Cr.
Thursday, January 25 – 19 Cr.
Wednesday, January 24 (Paid Previews) – 5 Cr.

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