Neena Gupta at Her Best!

By Admin

Jul 31, 2017

 Neena Gupta has left an impact with her Instagram post where she was seen asking for work. Her publicized relation with Vivian Richards and raising their daughter, Masaba Gupta as a single parent in those times establish her as a badass! Here are few of her performances that will make you wish she was casted more often:

1# Saans

One of her best performances that has etched her in our minds, Neena played the subtle nuances of the character with élan. Her character was ahead of the time as it spoke on the sensitive topic of women having multiple interests whilst handling household chores.

2# Utsav

Neena plays a young courtesan slave who is sold as an infant. She beautifully shows the rage and spirit of a young girl who aspires for a better life but is confused on how to achieve it. Her ever changing temperament mirrors reality and shows how she has intricately weaved the various sides of a conflicted young girl.


3# Mandi

A satirical comedy on politics and prostitution, where Neena plays a classical dancer, who is strong and empowered in a time when women were not valued let alone the ones into prostitution.


Neena Gupta with her feisty zeal has always given performances that were either bold or subtle and filled with intricate characteristics. She has been anything but nonessential, which makes us wonder why the actress is not swamped with projects. We hope to see you back in action soon!  



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