Munna Michael: A Movie Review

Munna Michael: A Movie Review

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Jul 21, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

While you’re excited to watch Nawazuddin shake-a-leg along with Tiger Shroff, this movie is nothing more than just dancing like a pro & poised action scenes like a ballerina that makes the audience whistle & critics put a big cross on their sheets!

While Munna a.k.a Tiger Shroff is an orphan, who gets adopted by Ronit Roy dreams big and worships MJ. Even his growing up on the screen features all the role models of Tiger from Hrithik Roshan ( who, by the way is a fan of Tiger’s dancing himself) to Michael Jackson’s dance steps followed by the grown up Munna’s top hat entry, the story goes off-beat as he gets into gang-war with Nawazuddin Siddiqui (a Delhi ka Gunda), who lets go of Tiger on the condition of teaching him dancing. Soon there’s a brewing bromance amongst them & you get what you came for! Tiger teaching Nawazuddin to dance- Coz he is credibility ka brand ambassador !

And just like every Bollywood masala, there comes a love triangle that happens between Tiger, Nidhi & Nawazuddin, and that’s it! The perfect scope for graphic action sequences, making it a mix of Heropanti & Baghi with a tadka of dancing, but doesn’t even qualify as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Know why? Coz Munna Michael as a movie is not much different than the reality shows which are the source of the hype around western dancing! That’s the point when you suddenly respect ABCD even more!

And yes, Tiger is the ‘Master of his Dancing Universe’ and doesn’t let you take your eyes off him even for a moment!

The storyline is completely pointless & predictable from the very beginning & an action/dance sequence repeats every 10 minutes! Even the climax is a failed attempt to streamline the plot, making you wonder how unreal Bollywood can be! Even Nidhi & Nawazuddin remain no more than just side-kicks in the movie, to let director Sabbir Khan have some trust in this project! The narration is too slow, so is the cinematography which just serves to make pretty dance sequences!

In hindsight, Munna Michael is a movie that can get you out of the hang of Monsoon lazy-ness with ground-breaking dancing, but fails to leave an aftertaste -  Overall We rate it a 2/5!


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