Move on Raj & Rahul: Introducing the current Lover Boys of B-Town!

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Feb 13, 2018

Raj and Rahul. Naam toh suna hi hoga? These two characters have ruled our hearts for like what, two decades now? The charm of these characters played by the `King of Romance`, Shahrukh Khan, is eternal and rightfully so as he is the Man chosen by the God to rule hearts.

But can we not give other characters a fair chance? Yes. Girls, move over Raj and Rahul. We have 5 other romantic characters to sweep you off your feet this Valentine`s!

Who wouldn`t want to have a love story as in the movie Jab We Met? After All, we`d meet Aditya Kashyap. A good-looking, sensible, rich businessman without the `celebrity airs` who believed in not burdening the one he loved with his feelings. An absolute gentleman you`d want to meet real soon. Oh, wait! Your next journey might be the one. You on an exciting journey, unaware of the life-changing turn of events, with a stranger like Aditya? Could be the love of your life, girl. :P

As Geet would have said it "just imagine!".

We have Arjun next on our list. No no, not the one from Mahabharat but the strong yet sensitive, sincere yet direct and ceaselessly understanding Arjun Singh from the movie, Namastey London. Yes, we know you loved him.

The charming jatt had us at "Namastey". We loved him when he took the firangis on a tour around our Incredible India with his short speech that made us proud of our country all over again. But it was his simplicity and the `mard ko bhi dard hota hai` sensitivity that won our hearts.Dashing, intelligent, smart, sporty, yet a simpleton and a patient lover who believed in loving without expecting anything in return. Difficult to find men as Arjun Singh, though. But you never know. :)

The next name might leave many confused. Bunny a.k.a Kabir Thapar from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Really? You`d ask. Really. We can explain. Dashing, friendly flirt, over-ambitious, adventurous, self-centered, wanted to race ahead at the risk of falling down and travel around the world etc .. but is that wrong? Are we not all slightly that these days? Let`s face it. He mirrored our desires.

He surely is not a perfect role model. He wanted to achieve success at the expense of staying away from his loved ones. True. But aren`t most of us doing the same? It`s just about the time we accepted that we take our loved ones for granted. But neither was he proud of it nor are we. He realized the importance of having the loved ones around to enjoy one`s success with. He gave up on his dream to be able to fulfill the same dream with the love of his life, girls! Huge deal. And then he wasn`t that bad after all, was he? Caring, fun, could take a bullet for his friends, loved his father, sometimes sensitive.. we can`t take that away from him. Think you could be a Yin to some Bunny`s yang? The choice is yours.

Now, would you believe if we say, arranged marriages could be exciting and full of romance too? And to top it all, you`d have someone simple yet powerful, a righteous IAS officer, who is head over heels in love with you, holds you and your wishes in high regards, stands against dowry and other gender discriminations, believes in equal rights even if means going against his own family but loves his family more than himself and believes in justice more than anything else.

Believe us, that`s Satyendra Mishra a.k.a (Sattu) from Shaadi Me Zaroor Aana for you ladies. Worth keeping, right? We know. We know. Planning for an arranged marriage, already? Shaadi me zaroor bulana. ;)

A diligent family man who loves his wife to death. That`s Lakshmikant Chauhan for you from the movie Pad Man. It was the love and love alone for his wife that helped him build something as revolutionary as the low-cost sanitary napkin machine. No, not another Taj Mahal.. come on!

The amount of love and care he had for his wife gave him the strength to overcome humiliation and achieve his goal. Wanted to impress his wife, left the whole world impressed! Don`t we wish someone to love us so much? Then every man on Earth would build something revolutionary every day. Afterall, "behind every successful man is a woman". Right, ladies? Lol. To be honest, he is the perfect `husband material` out of the lot. If only all men considered the difficulties faced by all women as their own, like this man, the world would become a better place to live in.

Different characters but one thing in common. Love. Got you fantasizing? But hey, Come back! Before getting lost in your fantasy world don`t forget to let us know your individual choices and if we`ve missed any, in the comments below.

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