Mother’s Day Special: Ten Mother Characters that had a Huge Impact on Audience!

Mothers have been an important part our lives, so how can they not be the same in cinema. On this mother’s day we list the ten reel mother characters that had a huge impact.

By Saurav Ray

May 12, 2018

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

-William Ross Wallace


From Radha of Mother India (1957), who reluctantly but righteously shot her son dead for trying to take a girl forcibly with him, to Devki of Mom (2017), whose unconditional love for her step-daughter took her to the extent of methodically planning and executing the comeuppance of the little girl’s criminals, the depiction of mother as a strong figure is showcased impeccably in our movies.


Here’s the list:


Sridevi as Devki Sabarwal (Mom, 2017):

With the entire nation ashamed over rising reports on violence against women and children, the film is worth mentioning. Devki, the last character played by the late legendary actress Sridevi, is the step-mother and biology teacher of a teenager, who remains cold and distant with her. A ghastly incident scars the teenager for life and the step-mother resolves to find the perpetrators and avenge the wrongdoings inflicted upon her daughter. The movie honored Sridevi posthumously with the 65th National Film Award in the Best Actress category.


Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami (Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, 2017):

Sitting atop her throne, looking intensely with her fierce eyes and delivering strong monologues, she commanded awe and respect from her subjects and viewers. The movie is filled with several scenes when she managed to wow the audience – one is when she walks to the main temple with a lamp on her head and an elephant goes rogue and starts trampling everyone on its way, however, it couldn’t shake the queen of Mahishmati. The other one is when she took the protagonist’s newly-born-son from her own son’s killer clutches and sacrificed her own life while saving the little ones.


Shabana Azmi as Rama Bhanot (Neerja, 2017):

Shabana Azmi’s doting mother character made the audience feel the anxiety, pain, and despair that real Rama Bhanot, the mother of heroic Pam Am flight attendant Neerja Bhanot, went through on that ill-fated night of September 5, 1986. Shabana Azmi won the 2017 - Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for the movie.


Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom (Mary Kom,2014)

Winner of a bronze medal in 2012 Bronze Olympics, a silver at the first AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship and eleven gold medals from different championships! Need we say more? Priyanka Chopra played the character of the legendary lady boxer in the biopic with utmost perfection, showing all the raw emotions, love for her children, passion, dedication, and devotion to boxing. The film earned Priyanka Chopra several prestigious awards and nominations. The poster explains it all!


Sridevi as Shashi Godbole (English Vinglish,2012):

What do you call a woman who is a smart entrepreneur, a loving housewife with excellent culinary skills, an obedient daughter-in-law and a doting mother? A superwoman, right!  But what if the lady is not fluent in the most widely spoken language in the world – English – and for that she is underestimated by her hubby and children? Still a superwoman! Sridevi as Shashi did an excellent job in portraying the protagonist’s myriad emotions on screen with utmost panache. And guess what? She eventually masters the foreign language and inspires surprise, shock, and awe in the climax. Sridevi won some coveted awards for this movie, including 2013 Stardust Award for Best Actress in a Drama, Star Guild President Honor Awards 2012.


Tisca Chopra as Maya Awasthi (Taare Zameen Par, 2007):

One of the most heart-touching and tear-jerking moments in the movie is the  “Meri Maa” song in which the parents of little Ishaan are leaving him behind in the boarding school and he looks helplessly at their car as the song plays in the background. Maya is seen as the efficient housewife and the doting mother who takes Ishaan’s disability to read as a personal defeat and was equally heartbroken as her son is being forced to stay at the boarding school. The movie won Tisca Chopra several awards including 2007 Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress.


Rekha as Sonia Mehra (Koi Mil Gaya, 2003):

If you had shed tears for Hrithik’s character when he was harassed by Raj and his group of friends, then you probably felt heartbroken when Rekha’s character faced the group and said that Rohit didn’t deserve to be beaten rather he deserved to be amongst them, to be like a normal 21-year-old man and he was around Nisha’s vehicle to apologize by sticking a sorry note. The movie was wildly successful and a huge credit goes to Rekha for playing her character with utmost sincerity and dexterity. The movie bagged her the 2003 Bollywood Movie Awards for Best Supporting Actress.


Hema Malini as Pooja Malhotra (Baghban, 2003):

In the movie, Hema Malini played the role of a mother of four grownup men who considered their parents as burdens for and reluctantly agreed to keep either of them. The movie juxtaposed the unconditional love of parents towards their children with the apathy and indifference of the sons towards their parents. The unsaid conversations and longing between Amitabh Bachchan’s character and Hema Malini’s characters will weigh down on your hearts and even melt the hardest of them. Hema Malini was nominated for the Filmfare Award and IIFA Award for best actress.


Kirron Kher as Sumitra (Devdas, 2002):

Kirron Kher role as Sumitra, Paro’s mother, is still considered to be one of her career best movies. The scene in which she went to the protagonist’s house at the request of his family members and was publicly humiliated was upsetting to watch. The monologue of Sumitra “aayi thi to tujhe duaiye dene , ki teri ghar chand sa beta ho; par ab to yahi dua nikalti hai, ki tera ghar bhi.. chandni se aabad ho,tere ghar bhi beti ho…” is one of the best in the movie. The movie earned Kirron Kher the 4th IIFA Awards for the Best Actress in Supporting Role.


Nargis Dutt as Radha (Mother India, 1957):

From losing her husband and two kids to single-handedly raising her surviving children, rebuilding her village after a devastating flood, and killing her younger son while protecting the honor of her malefactor’s daughter, Nargis Dutt’s character Radha faced tragic circumstances all her life. But even under those circumstances, she did the right thing for the right reasons without involving her emotions and personal likings. The movie won the legendary actress – late Nargis Dutt – the Filmfare Award for the Best Actress in 1957.


This Mother’s Day, watch these movies with the most important woman in your life to celebrate the strength of motherhood.

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