Sushmita Sen Celebrates 18 years of Motherhood

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Sep 6, 2017  Updated On : Apr 7, 2018

Sushmita Sen turned 18. No, we know the age of the former Miss Universe. What we mean to say is, Sushmita Sen, the mother turned 18. Her elder daughter Renee turned 18 recently and Miss Sen took the opportunity to share a pic with her daughters on Instagram with the caption:

“We are #Eighteen A night of #epiphany? my petite #firstlove turned #18yrsold yesterday as I turned 18yrs old as a #maa ?what a journey it’s been!!!! Happyyyyyy Birthday My beautiful Renee Shona, welcome to being an Adult!!!! May God always fill your life with great health, happiness, and courage, may you saunter through life in those #stilettos in great balance!!! bring it on Renster!!!?I love you..beyond!!!! Maa #cheers.”

She shared another picture with both her daughters. Her younger daughter Alisah, 8, was also seen sitting with her mother and sister.

Sushmita Sen had adopted Renee when she was just 25 years old. She adopted a second daughter, after many hurdles, in 2010.

Sushmita Sen was crowned Miss Universe in the year 1994 when she was just 18. 

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