#LailaMajnuReview: Laila Majnu is More than Conventional Tragic Romance

Move over bubble gum romances. Laila Majnu gives you more than just the feels of love. It is how love falls short of social biases so ingrained in Indian psyche.

By Neha Jha

Sep 8, 2018

Film - Laila Majnu

Cast - Avinash Tiwari, Tripti Dimri

Director - Sajid Ali

Rating - 3.5/5 (✮✮✮✭✰)

It`s not every day that you get to see movies based on age-old love stories, working their charm in modern-day adaptations. Imtiaz Ali’s brother Sajid Ali sought to do the same - recreate the age-old magic of Laila Majnu for the contemporary times, set in Kashmir and its traditional society. One might expect the film to be just another remake of a classic love story. But, from the story to the plot, as well as the performances by debutantes Avinash Tiwari and Tripti Dimri, Laila Majnu is more than just that. It is about warring families, rebelliousness churning inside the most conservative families and a self-assured guy who turns into a madman.

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Laila or Laayla is a free-spirited girl from a conservative family who lives in the present. She knows she is beautiful and can easily attract the attention of the opposite sex. These are the qualities usually ascribed to men, who are lauded as players when they engage in casual flirting. But Laila is different. She knows she is judged, but she is ready to take it on. The gender roles are reversed. Qais, a spoilt brat doesn’t take much time to fall for her in spite of knowing she is trouble. Soon, they fall for each other and chaos comes to them. Of course, in the form of their warring families who are dead against them. But, in the process, it is Qais who suffers the maximum. His head over heels love soon turns into insanity and he decides to go against the tide.

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Love is madness, at the end of the day. And Laila Majnu gives an accurate depiction of the same when the lead pair resorts to self-destruction in the same. Both of them know that theirs is a love story doomed for separation. Yet they do not let that go above their heads. The backdrop of a doomed love story is extremely palpable. The romance works its charm, primarily because Imtiaz Ali’s writing works so well. Both Qais and Laila are marred by their circumstances, but that does not stop them from letting their romance blossom. Avinash Tiwari’s suave charm works wonders because of its honesty. He admits he has to work to be smart because “Shakal Achi Nahi hai na.” How often do you see such self-assurance on celluloid?

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Laila Majnu might seem like just another tragic love story on the outside. But, it is way more than that. Tripti and Avinash have weaved magic together on screen and the script has given them ample space to justify their characters. The writing of the film is its USP; so is the music by Niladri Kumar and Joi Barua. You might recall “Maine Pyar Kiya” intermittently, but it has been used extremely well. The only problem? The excitement fizzles out soon towards the end and you wonder why there wasn’t much exploration of Kashmir.

Laila Majnu is not a usual romance or a rom-com or a breezy romance. It is something way more than that.

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