Janhvi Kapoor: Known and Unknown About The Veteran Actress’s 2.0 Version

She is the most awaited launch of the year. At the age of 20 this bashful doe eyed celeb kid is beating A-List B-town celebrities on instagram. With over 2 million followers her instagram account is more happening than the Kejriwal Government.

By Ankita Mohanty

Jul 20, 2018  Updated On : Jul 22, 2018

Yes..that`s a lot!

This Bombay girl is racing our dhadkan with her ‘Dhadak’.

Just in case you are from Venus and have no clue, who we are referring to, say hello to Dhadak girl Janhvi Kapoor.

Janhvi Kapoor

Being a celeb-kid has its own perks and drawbacks. One of them is: you are not immune to paparazzi. That being..the drawback of course (or not..!..?). And the ‘Kapoor’ tag, doesn`t help either. From the sizzling California beaches to lofty snow-clad Alps, she has seen it all with mom and dad. Overall, Janhvi Kapoor Family belongs to Bollywood industry. Constantly captured by media is not a new thing for Janhvi Kapoor.

In a candid interview with media, the Dhadak actress confessed that she loves traveling all around the globe with mom ( late veteran actress Sridevi) and sister Khushi Kapoor. Dad, ace moviemaker Boney Kapoor, obviously has important business to look after. Due to her Bollywood connection, Janhvi Kapoor Lifestyle has been well acquainted with the media and all. However, the Kapoors are a close-knit family and are rarely individually photographed. Events, concerts, award ceremonies and high-profile parties, Janhvi has been well-acquainted with who’s who of Bollywood since childhood.

Why the name Janhvi?

The 1997 comedy-drama Judai starred Sridevi, Anil Kapoor and Urmila Matondkar in lead roles. On screen, Sridevi played Anil Kapoor’s greedy hare-brained wife Kajal, who willingly accepts to share her husband with a rich NRI Janhvi aka Urmila Matondkar in lieu of lots and lots and lots of money. The two women developed a strong friendship on the sets of Judai, so much so that Sridevi later decided to name her elder daughter after Urmila’s character ‘Janhvi’.

‘Janhvi Vs Jhanvi’ Kapoor

Fans and critics were confused when Karan Johar made a spelling error in Dhadak’s first poster. Was it an honest mistake or an intentional one? The posters spelled her name as Janhvi, but her Instagram account said otherwise- Janhvi Kapoor. Apparently, it wasn`t a mistake at all. Daddy dearest Boney Kapoor had to step in and clear the confusion. Janhvi, it is. He quoted that ‘people got it all wrong’ and it has always been Janhvi. But actors belong to the milieu and the lovely Janhvi didn`t have the heart to correct her fans.

Janhvi’s baby steps into Bollywood:

For young Janhvi, it was B for Bollywood before she could spell bat. Her passion for theatres led her to Lee Strasberg and love for movies led her to Bollywood. Sridevi, who wasn`t initially thrilled with the idea, let her ‘angel’ follow her dreams.

Do you know how old is she? Janhvi Kapoor age is only 21 and the damsel is now the proud owner of a degree in theatres and films.

Janhvi’s Bollywood journey started with Dhadak in Udaipur. Kjo posted a photo that had Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor leaning against a raining with a clapboard in the center.

‘‘Introducing Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter’’: Dhadak

Shashank Khaitan’s Dhadak would mark the debut of Ishaan Khattar and Janhvi Kapoor.  Dhadak is Bollywood’s adaptation of Marathi blockbuster Sairat. Set in the picturesque town of Udaipur,  the story encounters the evils of honor killing and casteism. It takes us through the darker shades of love.

Check out Dhadak’s story here: Dhadak: Bollywood’s version of Marathi Hit Sairat

Sridevi’s death: The show must go on

24 February 2018

The entire nation got into a state of shock when the news of Veteran actress passing away in her hotel room in Dubai flashed on every other new channel. Friends and family came in huge numbers to console the Kapoors. The gorgeous and talented Sridevi was no more among us. Young Janhvi decided that the show must go on and was back on the sets of Dhadak in a few weeks.

Fun on the sets of Dhadak:

The movie might have a streak of dark and despair, but Dhadak’s behind the scenes are no less fun to watch. From the throwing water balloons to sneaking out for a bike ride, Director Shashank Khaitan made sure Ishaan Khattar and Janhvi Kapoor had fun on the sets. Both the actors are in their early 20’s and brought in a lot of energy to the sets. Videos of Janhvi playfully messing with her gym trainer and Ishaan trying to mimic her accent are some of our favorite adorable Ishaan-Janhvi moments.

The one thing Ishaan hates about Janhvi …?

Hang in there…. … BUFFERING… …..

Janhvi’s partner in crime: Khushi Kapoor:

The two share a bond so strong, you might even mistake them for twins. Two peas in a pod. Khushi is Janhvi’s younger sibling and her mentor as well. The two sisters are always seen together in a frame and seem like Janhvi rarely steps out without sister Khushi. In a candid interview, the young actress revealed a sweet childhood memory. The actress used to be obsessed with Titanic and the sisters would recreate the famous scene from the movie, wherein Janhvi always played the part of Rose. India’s own Kendall and Kylie, eh?

Janhvi’s quirky connection with Pink Bottles

No seriously though, what`s up with Janhvi and pink bottles?

Actresses are rarely seen stepping out of a car without a clutch, handbag or a poodle. Guess what this adorable actress carries with her all the time?  Her pretty pink bottle. Janhvi has been spotted carrying this particular bottle quite often, more frequently after her mother’s untimely demise. What makes this bottle so special? Any special connection?

Janhvi’s chemistry with Ishaan:

Their onscreen romance is unmistakably fiery and feverish. However, the couple shares a great off-screen chemistry as well. Friends, accomplish-in-crime, and confidants. The duo shares a comfort that works on some other level!!! Quite extra-terrestrial. After the announcement of Dhadak release, Janhvi Kapoor relationship has been one of the top searched keyword on the Internet.

Although not much is known about Janhvi Kapoor`s dating history names such as Akshat Ranjan and Shikhar Pahariya have made us curious. And then there are ‘rumors’ of Janhvi dating co-star Ishaan, of course. So who is it Janhvi? You can tell us, LOCKED VAULT! Looking forward to more Janhvi Kapoor Movies, get ready for DHADAK.

Only a few long hours left for Dhadak to hit the theatres.

Tickets- Check

Overpriced Popcorn - Check

Coke - Check

Tissue Check

Good Luck Janhvi!

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