Kishore Kumar and his Timelessness

Kishore Kumar and his Timelessness

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Aug 4, 2017  Updated On : Apr 24, 2018

Kishore Kumar resonates with people even today. His timeless classics are still put across as ringtones, dialer tunes and played on the radio. This comes after more than 30- years since his demise. The very success of Kishore Kumar lies in the fact that he paved his own path and did not walk the trodden ones.

Kishore Kumar had once said that he was more inclined towards singing than acting even though that was what he had initially come to Bombay to pursue, like his elder brother Ashok Kumar. He told Lata Mangeshkar how he regarded singing as more truthful than acting which is all about creating a false spectacle. This thought of him might resonate with people even more considering how singing has become more about auto-tune than something real and sacred.

His lightness came with the refusal to take anything seriously, not even when the Emergency posed a threat to his career. He would just get up and disappear instead of treating everything like a pre-destination. Kishore Kumar did what he did because it made him happy. It was for his own satisfaction first.

His yodels are nothing but an inspiration to not worry more about the result but enjoy the journey. Maybe that is why his songs are recreated even today.

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